Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No More Holding Back Brave Girl-Time for Fashion!

Some of you may know that something I truly love is Fashion! I love to Model it and have modeled in the past and most recently helped out the Junior League of Des Moines at FashionEASTA 2010 February and was in The Juice September 2010. I modeled years ago for Teen and Seventeen magazine and have wanted to take it to the next level. I have been designing as a hobby and finally for my Pink Project for Summer of Color took a leap and finally made my table set and some ideas so I can finally have a booth somewhere. I have been scrawling designs here and I started a site that I am still working on called Fashion Femmes Le Boutique and there but this was the first step in the right direction.

Two Christmases ago I worked for Aerie as a Window Dresser to get a feel for Visual Merchandise and learned that really wasn't my savor. In researching Fashion Degrees I learned most companies won't even consider you unless you have at LEAST 2 years retail. Well, at first when the gig with Aerie didn't work I thought that was my Roadblock and I let it stop me. But not anymore....

I have my own business and I don't have a Marketing Degree! I design Websites for a living and I am self taught. I have learned through life you don't HAVE TO do things the way everyone else does them you know!! So who says I can't be a Stylist without two years of Retail?!? Most of what I learned in what I am doing now is two fold-Experience based and who I knew. Why shouldn't Fashion be any different? In fact it is probably MORE SO that!!

So tonight I took a leap...I signed up to be a Designer Liaison at Omaha Fashion Week in August!! http://omahafashionweek.com/volunteer/

"Designer Liaison:
This person is the ‘go-to’ person for designers and models.  Each Designer Liaison will be responsible for two designers and their creative team, which includes designer’s assistants, models and stylists.  Your job is to provide security, trouble shoot any issues that come up in the dressing room and make sure your people don’t miss their cues."

Doesn't that just sound fab?!?!

I thought so too!

In Sr we talked about Roadblocks and Landmines today and I decided tha tI was not going to let that bring me down or get in my way so I leapt! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So, now it is just a matter of time to wait and see what happens and see if I get an opportunity to volunteer doing something I think I will love!!


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