Friday, June 03, 2011

What is your Money Wish

I was traveling this week and then unpacking and recreating a new home office/studio for myself before I started two creative classes next week and missed the Wishcasting Wednesday. I have been trying to read and gather ideas and I just posted this on Jaime Ridler's Web Page.

She mentions on her site a CWAB-Crazy Wild Ass Budget and so I posted:

My CWAB (I say it like Crab but with a “w”) is 

Travel: Go to France Yearly
Fashion: Shop til I drop for every season yearly
Creative: Have all the latest Art supplies
Work/Home: Purchase a Warehouse, Renovate (like in Ghost) have Studio/Work home all together in a Downtown District or Village
Summer/Vacation Home: Along the beach anywhere
My mother: Provide for my mother-House, RV, living etc so she can enjoy life in retirement
Photography: Have the best SLR, Video cameras, and point and shoot cameras and all the zooms, stands, screens, shields and my own darkroom (again. I had one once)
Businesses: Enough to pay attorneys and get my Non-Profit up and running, train others and help others nationally
Dream Fun Career: Take my previous Modeling and Fashionista style to the next level and be a Personal Shopper for others, Stylist and KNOWN Fashionista in the Entertainment world and the globe :)
Money Fluffiness: Enough extra money to have all the debts paid off and to never have to worry about bills, things being taken away, bank accounts being levied, and enough to be fluffy (I have always used that term. IT means the fluff, like cotton candy, the fun stuff)

That is all I can think of for now…Thanks..that was fun

So, I guess what is my money wish? Well, I guess those!

I used to have other wishes when it came to money that always related to other people. But then, I realized how terribly unattainable they were, how the other person did not reciprocate the money wish, and how I wasn't sending anything out into the universe for me.

I am really  REALLY trying, working hard, this year to do things for me. Take care of me. Think of what is going to be best for me. I do so much for everyone else, and yet even still (look at some of my wishes) though to me that is still taking care of me though some of the things I am now choosing, doing and being in life are finally for me.

I think there comes a time in your life when you have to start thinking of yourself. If you don't take care of yourself, who will???


So, that's my money wish. What's yours?

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  1. Wonderfully fluffy wishes. :D
    As Trisha wishes for herself, so I wishfor her also.