Friday, September 09, 2011

The Danger Lane

Today on my way to work I decided to go a different way. I live in Omaha for now while on my contract and I normally take 80-past 680-to 480, then get off in Midtown. Today I decided to go down 192nd, past Center Street, Past Pacific, to Dodge Expressway and come in on Dodge. Dodge is like the main street of Omaha. Towards the end of the expressway Dodge becomes a regular street again. Somewhere along after 72nd street a new lane opens up in the middle of the street. The uniqueness of this lane is that depending on which time of day you are traveling on Dodge the direction you can go on it differs.

Going into this lane can be very scary since most people do know about this rule but of course there are visitors or new people in town that may not know and so I am always very scared to go into this lane because to me it is a Danger Lane. At any moment even if I am going in the right direction I fear that someone else may not understand and go the wrong way therefore I would hit them and my progression in that lane would cease.

The benefit of going in this lane is that is opens up the path you to get where you are going and you tend to get there quicker in this lane.

This got me to thinking about life.

In life we all tend to go merrily along our path and stay in the safe lanes. Sometimes people like me Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Out of the Box thinkers might jump into that other lane. They are not afraid of the danger or risk of getting into that lane because they know the reward outweighs the risk. They get to their end goal quicker, they knows this opens up the path for them and even though they know it may not be safe, that staying in the safe lane could take forever.

We need to reach out into those other lanes. We need to stop staying in the safe lanes and venture out into the possible dangerous lanes that help us on our path in life.

Maybe ask yourself this question today "Am I staying in the safe lane?"

If so, consider taking a risk.

Jump into that other lane and allow yourself to see where it takes you.

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