Monday, September 19, 2011

Declaration of You-Intention

I declare that I want to set my stage by allowing myself to be worthy, opening my life to receive, let the universe give things I desire to me, change my way of thinking to ”receive” and most of all…give myself ”Permission” to own it

The first I ever heard of giving myself "Permission" was with Goddess Leonie. She speaks of Permission Slips here and it really resounded with me. I found a few others by her

While taking Soul Restoration 2 we wrote ourselves a permission slip and I took a little from Goddess Leonie and a little from BG

write yourself a real, enforceable permission slip to live the life you want to live

My Permission Slip is here CLICK to READ

I took a bit from Leonie's Permission Statements

Thinking about what I wrote down or my "Intentions" today made me think of those

Dearest Goddesss,
Today, and everyday, you have permission.
You have permission
Today, and everyday, you have permission.
You have permission to be exactly how you are.
You have permission to not care what other people think of you.

For more on You Have Permission Click Here

on DOU today we spoke of Intentions and with that  we can Receive...This prompted me to seek out what this word means (as I often do)

re·ceive  (r-sv)
v. re·ceived, re·ceiv·ing, re·ceives
1. To take or acquire (something given, offered, or transmitted); get.
2. To hear or see (information, for example): receive bad news; received a good report of the group's activities.
3. To have (a title, for example) bestowed on oneself.
4. To meet with; experience: receive sympathetic treatment.
5. To have inflicted or imposed on oneself: receive a penalty.
6. To bear the weight or force of; support: The beams receive the full weight of the walls and roof.
7. To take or intercept the impact of (a blow, for example).
8. To take in, hold, or contain: a tank that receives rainwater.
9. To admit: receive new members.
10. To greet or welcome: receive guests.
11. To perceive or acquire mentally: receive a bad impression.
12. To regard with approval or disapproval: essays that were received well.
13. To listen to and acknowledge formally and authoritatively: The judge received their oath of allegiance.
1. To acquire or get something; be a recipient.
2. To admit or welcome guests or visitors: The couple are not receiving this winter.
The ones I bolded are the ones that REALLY jumped out at me.

Also I thought it was cute that Michelle and Jessica were talking about Affirmations. I grew up with a mother who believed in affirmations. I had a hard time believing in them but I said them. As I grew older I found affirmations that were more like  "words of encouragement" to me. I found a few bumper stickers recently and now I carry those with me wherever I go and I post them on evry mirror with double sided tape no matter what.  I am going to change them up a bit in my head now though. I added my words below the picture.

I am willing to allow something Wonderful to happen in my life

I am willing to allow my dreams to come true

I am willing to be what I want to be

I am willing to think the right things
My sheets today were very helpful in getting me to this thought process...

Things I want to receive/I am willing to
 Things I want to receive/ways I want to feel ... I am Willing to

Happiness/I am willing to open the doorway for it
Peace/I am willing to take the steps to achieve it
Wealth/I am willing to allow myself to be wealthy
Success/I am willing to give myself permission to own it
Love from another/I am willing to do whatever it takes to receive it
Funding/I am willing to open my life to receive it
Freedom (financial, personal, spiritual)/I am willing to let things in my life play out to give it to me
Wonderful things/I am willing to let the universe give them to me

I am being challenged by
 I'm Being Challenged By/The Intentions that can help me are...

Past financial mistakes/paying things off as I go
Lack of funding for biz/talk to investors
Comparison of others-Competition of others/Remove those things from my life
Immaturity of others/not allowing it to bother me
Relationship Issues/Taking things one day at a time

I am being challenged by my own inhibitions to move forward in my life/ The intention that can help me is by changing my way of thinking to "Receive"

I like the idea. This is your life. Yes. Yes it is. It is mine to do with. It is mine to live. It is mine to enjoy. and something I learned and took away from today...

This is my life to receive...

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