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Mission Statements

This year I have been really focusing on moving forward and in the direction of my dreams in my life. This has brought me to a few courses and blogs that inspire me. Many of them have talked about Permission Slips, Receiving good things and most of all Mission Statements.

I have talked about Receiving HERE

My Permission Slip HERE

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After looking at these and getting ready to link them to my post, I realized I said I was going to write up my Mission Statements, but I never posted them online. In Brave Girls Soul Restoration we were to create two of them. One was a Mini Mission Statement and the other one was our Long One. We came to these by filling in some worksheets Melody Ross gave us in the Soul Restoration Class and then wrote out our statements from there.

I made mine and put them in my book but forgot to share(I really like to share) so I am going to share them with you now.

Mini Mission Statement

I will remember in all things that I do, that I want to guide my life & my decisions with these qualities that I value most:

~Always remain classy in all endeavors
~Have strength & originality in who I am
~Be a constructive member of society
~Achieve my goals, dreams, aspirations while making new ones
~Have a passion and a purpose in life
~Have importance & meaning in the things I do
~Believe in others, but always believe in myself
~Have loyalty with others
~Raise confidence in others
~Bring joy to others
~Faith, hope,charity & non conformity are not allow mottos for me but a way of life

Large Mission Statement

I know I am my very best self when I am:

~Allowing myself to be authentically me
~Making a difference
~Am allowed to speak my mind
~Am Confident & strong
~Around and socialize with like minded people
~Reading scriptures/living spiritually

I know that because I have unique weaknesses, I need to avoid times when I am:

~Feeling guilty
~Around destructive people
~ Feeling peer pressure
~ Feeling less than
~Around negative people or influences

I will be most at peace and happiest when I spend my personal life:

~Enjoying the smell and feel of fresh cut grass
~Being near or around a beach
~Doing something having to do with Fashion
~Helping others
~Around nature
~Openly asking for what I really want
~Performing/doing something on stage
~Enjoying the finer things of life
~Being financially secure
~Holding to my Values
~Around like minded people
~Being socially active whit other peaceful people or in peaceful settings
~Following my heart
~Living each moment
~Being myself
~Being with other energetic people

I will be most at peace and happiest when I spend my Work Life:

~Helping others
~Getting funding for ideas/Business Plans
~Doing something in Fashion
~Being creative
~Having fun
~Being on stage
~Do something with computers

I will seek out time when I can use my inborn gifts to:

~Help others
~Do something creative
~Do something in Fashion
~Teach or train
~Be Social
~Give back
~Do something with computers
~Love others
~Share my gifts and talents
~Make a difference

I will take care of my body and soul in ways that are personal to me, including (but not limited to):


~Drink more water
~Exercise More
~Ride a bike again
~Go horseback riding
~Enjoy the outdoors
~Learn Archery
~Learn Fencing
~Swim again
~Enjoy the outdoors


~Take online creative classes
~Study other successful people
~Read More
~Turn off electronics more often
~Watch less tv
~Create regularly
~Protect my soul house
~Stay authentic
~Refuse to conform
~Do things I enjoy
~Always keep learning
~Welcome positive energy into my life
~Refuse negative energy/negative people
~Remember to live each moment
~Make each moment count

I know I am meant to:

~Bring joy to others
~Share my story
~Help others
~Enjoy life
~Be here on this earth at this time
~Have a passion and a purpose in life

  I will work hard to be known as someone who:

~Leaves behind a fragrance on this world that will linger for decades
~Made a difference in the lives of others
~Had a uniqueness & authenticity
~Lived life to the fullest
~Was loyal
~Was always faithful & hopeful
~Believed in a better tomorrow
~Was adorable, graceful, & classy and a Beautiful Soul inside and out
~Lived an amazing life
~Shared her joy & enthusiasm for life with others
~Was empathetic to others
~Stood for her values & beleifs
~Loved others with every fiber of her being
~Was energetic beyond measure
~Was fearless, Courageous & brave
~Went after what she wanted
~Was amazingly creative
~Drew people to her without doing a thing but being herself
~Cared about her fellow man
~Made each moment count
~Is known as Memorable, Spectacular, Engaging

So that is my WHOLE Mission Statement!! I have been meaning to type that and enter it somewhere. Now I can print it and put it on my desk, wall, pocketbook whatever to remind me of these things. I really hope to be these things and I do feel I am to many of them but as an imperfect person I have work to do on some of them too. :)

One of the main things in my life is Making it Count like they say in Titanic and this quote below embodies that. Remember to live each moment. Be the best you can. Life life for you.

Use the Day This is a quote I found on my blog form 2005

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