Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Declaration of You-Uniquity

I want to start this out by Declaring my Uniquness...

I declare that I am unique because I am not afraid to be me!

Today we talked about being Unique.

I jotted down the people I admire and their unique qualities I admire most about them.

The first one is my mother. Mother Mary.aka Mafia Mary. Now what is even funnier is she is also Rev. that's unique in itself right. Someone known for Mafia Mary also as Reverend?? Well, you would have to know my mother to understand that one. LOL

The attributes I admired are:

Fearless, helps others, talks to all, fun, caring, authentic, unique, not normal, Different,challenges herself, works hard, takes car of others, inspiring, artistic, creative, beautiful, courageous, positive, spiritual, and loving.

The one to the far right is my friend from California, Cameron. Cam is a dear friend and one I don't talk to enough. He is an executive for a big company out there and his life has really grown, changed and progressed for the better in many ways. I truly admire him.

Cameron's Attributes are:

Australian, Kewl accent(love the accent), driven, determined, hard worker, fun, sociable,unique, authentic, attractive, personable, caring,nice, loving, fearless, devoted, amiable, pursuant, thinks of others, and positive.

The one in the middle is someone I truly admire but don't even know IRL (In Real Life). Her name is Kat. I call her KSM or Miss Sassy for short. :) (inside joke sorry). She would most likely be amazed I have her listed. Being that I don't know her and all. She thinks I am a bit off my rocker...but hey aren't we all? I have followed her blog for some time now and what tumbles off the page from this woman amazes me and makes me admire her more and more each day.

KSM's attributes are:

Bold, brave, brash, courageous, daring, strong, speaks her mind, outspoken, loves her girls, thinks of others, takes chances,writes amazing, talented, what it takes attitude, lives for others while living for herself, has boundries, keeps boundries, protective, like minded, and inspiring.

The second part of the lessons was to find out why others think we are unique. I like another person taking the class didn't want my Declaration based solely on what others said but I did put it out there and ask. The most profound words from my friend Neal was spoke.

"I like you because YOU ARE YOU!"

That got me thinking...

People often tell me they think it is so kewl that I am not afraid to be me. Within the walls of that me are the attributes I see in those people I admire. As well as the honest to goodness me of the me-ness that I am!

I skip, I do cartwheels, I giggle, I like to sing, I am bold and I am artistic, I think of others, I am fearless, courageous and the beat goes on and on...


I am different because I do not allow what others think to stop me from being that person. I am not to say that I don't care what others think...because I do and some of my friends think I care too much what others think. This may be true, yet I still feel that caring what others think and still being me are very different.
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I Declare I am Unique because I am not afraid to be me! 


  1. You are right, I think you are nuts to give me any sort of list of attributions, but I will smile, bow and bask in it just the same!!

  2. You just think I am nuts, but that's ok I will "smile, bow and bask in it just the same" LOL