Thursday, September 22, 2011

Declaration of You-Self Care

To me Self Care is Essential but as most I realize there are times when I am depriving myself for others, for work, for my family, etc. The challenge this week for Self Care was to do something for ourselves.

My Self Care List
I declare that I take care of myself by:
Getting a massage or Day Spa
Bubble Bath w music
Buy myself a little something
Take a long shower
Swing outdoors for a bit
Go to a park or for a walk :) umm….get a little nookie… :)
—> Make out <—-
Get my hair done professionally
Take time out to style/curl my hair
Get a mani/pedi
Get the little designs on nails
Go out to fine dining
Have a quiet special meal
Go out for Sushi
Take Edammame to work
Get hugged
Hug someone else :)
Relax just watching Tv and not doing anything else! (no multi tasking)

So I have decided I "Intend" (good use huh??Smirk) to get some Edamame to bring to work tomorrow, Take a long shower tonight, Hug someone, Get hugged (yeah dual self care. Feels good to get hugged, feels better to hug someone else and make their day too) , tomorrow take time out to style my hair (bought new Rockstar Dry Shampoo and been wanting to try it ANYWAY!) and tonight relax just watching TV doing nothing else!

I even threw in meeting with some friends who called me out of the blue and said yes since I deprive myself often of just hanging out. And I want to exercise more so I have started taking the stairs again. Feels so good!

One of the things I decided to do for myself today was actually take a mini lunch break. I had declared yesterday that I would bring Edamame for my lunch today and I did.

Then today in our Extra work Michelle mentioned us writing down when we receive Warm Fuzzies. I thought..."There we go again..Grokking" I have this site from time to time I send people Warm Fuzzies

I also made a Warm Fuzzies Collage for a friend that was talking to me about Warm Fuzzies and how they were like 100 or 1000 Teddy Bears Dancing in your chest....

I show it here...Warm Fuzzy Collage is at the top. For a bigger view click on the picture...

I even made a Warm Fuzzy List as she said

I did do my hair today with my new styling products...

This morning I enjoyed the Sunrise

I found this note in my Brave Girls Life Book and stopped to read it and take a picture so I could add it to my blog today...

These were things told to me by a  few friends

You Enjoy Life
You don't live in What If's
You love People for themselves
You just have a genuineness about you
You have a sense of how people tick
You have a sense of how to help others
You are Fearless
You are Courageous and Brave
You live for Each Moment

(Reading this was a good affirmation for Self Care for my brain)

Then doing I did the Extra Self Care items

Proudest Accomplishments/Things that make me Happy/Reasons to Celebrate
Acc-Awards for Heroes for the Homeless
C-After a crazy hard life I have endured, I continue to hold my head up high
H-Doing things that make me happy
Acc-My Failed businesses because they taught me valuable lessons & help drive & motivate & propel me forward
C-I look ten years younger than I am
H-Living, Loving, Learning in my beautiful life

What I want to Eliminate
Negativity between me and my younger son
People who make me feel bad
Over sexual comments to me
Negativity in my life as a whole
Destructive People
Bad feelings in my tummy
My Debts

I think Self Care is hard for a giver, sharer person like me. I want to do so much for others that I tend to neglect myself...the flip side of that is I am spoiled because when I want things in life...I want them now... :)

I am learning to balance both but for now, one thing at a time....

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