Monday, September 12, 2011

Declaration of You-Day 1-Enthusiasm! (Woot woot)

I was so excited to get started with my lessons I felt like a kid excited about going to Disneyland the next day

If that ain't ENTHUSIASM,,,well then mister and misses I don't know what is!!

I barely could sleep.
I toss and turned.
As soon as I got up I checked my email
I could barely wait until lunch to do my lesson for the day!
I logged on to the site with anticipation for my break.
As soon as my lunchtime hitthe link for Declaration of You and read what we were to do.

I printed out my sheets
scurried over to the printer
snatched up my sheets and starter writing and writing!

Here is what I wrote

Enthusiasm Page

Things I might Try
(These are very similar to Soul Restoration but that is the AMAZEBALLS (Michelle word) thing about it!)

I poured over my notes and Declared my Declaration!

"I declare that doing things that make me feel ”HAPPY” makes me tick!"

Then kept checking the site throughout the day to see what others said.

When I got home I checked my email and was so Happy to see others has replied to my posts and asked to be my friend and accepted my friend requests and everything! (Jumping and clapping now!)

So now I have taken photos and added them to my site, I am going to post this to my group in DOU and get cracking on one of my endeavors that I want to try "Building an online Community" Me and Go Daddy need to chat it up and I need to get my SenasFashion site going now. I feel the urge to do it now and well, when you feel those urges you just can't wait, am I right?

Plus I have Fantine, a dear Fashionista friend dying to get a word in. She was so excited when I told her about Pierre François Frédéric that she said I had to allow her the freedom to introduce herself as well. I agreed because she is my muse and will be on this journey with me. She is not only my model for all my Fashion Designs but as I said my muse and my inner pal for all things! :)

I introduce you to Mademoiselle Fantine Sabine de Couture

 You can see her Fashion Show here click here if you like. 

She informed me today we are doing this and we are going to be Declaring all over zee place :)

Day One...I don't know about you...But I am just Enthusiacticisming all over the place!! 


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