Sunday, September 11, 2011

Declaration of You

As always I have started another E-Course. Since I heard about this from Right Brain Business Plann Summit I have been wanting to do this. But I had so many other things going on that I decided to wait and put it off. I follow Jessica and Michelle on thier blogs and get the emails in my inbox but I still felt like I was not taking enough action in my life to move forward. When I saw a new course was starting up I had to make a decision to pay for this course and if I felt I was worth it. I felt like not only am I worth it but I HAD to do it.

Things have been moving so crazy in my life and started to "Go in the direction of my dreams" as a sign I saw once said so I would be remiss if I did not take this course. So for the next 4 weeks you will be seeing a lot of Declaration of You posts and I hope you will follow along and enjoy this journey with me. Maybe you will be able to get something out of it yourself, who knows. Maybe  you will decide to take the course with me or maybe you ARE taking the course with me.

You will hear me speak of Jessica, Michelle and Pierre François Frédéric, who are the admins of the group. Pierre François Frédéric was our Introduction admin and when you see me mention him I will mention him in full name because he asked us to. (To some he is not real and a cartoon but to me he is as real as Michelle and Jessica as an admin and leader in this course so just get used to it and don't you dare say he is nto real or I will pop you!) :)

Pierre François Frédéric has asked we use his name in full and as someone who what name you call me is important I will abide.

I look forward to this great course and am super duper anticipated excited and fantabulously ready!

So what IS Declaration of You? I will recite from the blog

"The Declaration of You encourages you to discover, embrace and declare what makes you truly unique. It’s time to shed your “shoulds”, learn who you are and give yourself permission to step powerfully into your own passionate life. Through a series of creative, colorful exercises and engaging discussions, we help you get out from behind all the excuses (y’know, the “I-don’t-know”s, the “I-don’t-deserve”s, the “I-don’t-have-time”s) that you put in front of finding who you are and what you’re here to do.
Whether you’re making insightful discoveries in the e-course with a group of like-minded declarers or working at your own pace in the workbook, Michelle, Jess and Pierre François Frédéric will enthuse your journey through whimsical illustrations, made-up words, and maybe even a few songs (and by “maybe” we mean “definitely”). We know this is serious business, but goshdarnit, we’re going to have fun along the way.
It’s time to dig into your perspectives around Enthusiasm, Celebration, Uniquity, Trust, Intention, Self-Care, Success and Money, banishing the Uh-Oh Feeling that usually comes from these Big Life Topics and finding your own definitions. It’s time to find a new perspective to embrace that’s based on your thoughts, your ideas, your values and your opinions. It’s time to find The Declaration of You."

I look forward to shedding my should and it is about darn tooting time I give myself permission to step up into the passionate life that awaits me! I know I will meet other Like Minded Declarers and that excites me to connect to another tribe that I can connect with. I am ready to dig in and power through!

I was sharing with someone a picture I saw and they said they thought I envisioned myself differently than this picture and I thought funny that even the picture says 

"What matters most is how you see yourself"

No, to who you are...I do NOT see myself as the Lion looking in and sees a cat. It depends on who I am talking to and perhaps YOU see me that way but perhaps as this course goes on you TOO will see me the way I do. 

Whether you believe it or not does not matter I believe it...I am a lion. Lions are unusually social compared to other cats.Lions are apex, although they scavenge as opportunity allows.Lions manifest two types of social organization.Some are residents, living in groups, called prides. The second organizational behavior is labeled nomads, who range widely and move about sporadically, either singularly or in pairs.Note that a lion may switch lifestyles; nomads may become residents and vice versa. Males have to go through this lifestyle and some never are able to join another pride. A female who becomes a nomad has much greater difficulty joining a new pride, as the females in a pride are related, and they reject most attempts by an unrelated female to join their family group.

 I am ready for this course. I am the Lion who will continue to Protect her Soul House, wil stop shoulding on herself from here on out and who is ready to take charge in my life!

Let's go I am ready! (Insert Lion Movie Growl here! ROWR!!!)

 Are you Ready for this?

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