Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Declaration of You-Success

DOU this week is starting off the week talking about Success....to just see my worksheets from this week go to bottom

I went researching as I often do and found a few of my old Blogs where I talk about Success

 I spoke here about how I was Successful Once~"Now I believe in following my passion and if you follow that passion, the true success will follow. People will desire to help you, money will flow in as needed."

I mention a friend here talking about his thoughts on why he hadn't been Successful-Lack of Success "I spoke to someone today who needed some encouragement. Who just hadn't gone forward. he didn't know why he hadn't been successful but he knew he could make other successful. One of the things I told him and we ended up speaking about today was writing down your definition for success for one and also writing down what you want to make and double that! In addition to that we spoke of "Loving the moreness" and "Upping your Dreams" which made me laugh because I got to thinking, how many people want to say "UP YOURS!" to their dreams? Well, don't. Up those dreams. But be aware of the Big Dreams."

Former Successes

(This makes me think of Michelle Ward When I Grow Up Coach-Pounding the Pavement Book-I even mention her here)
Mostly, get real with yourself. Get in tune with you are, who you want to be, and who you "wanted" to be. maybe you don't want to be that person anymore. Maybe you still do. What do you want out of life? Then why aren't you going for it? Are you letting yourself get in the way again? What are your time wasters? Maybe you need to write them down and put them in front of you so when you see yourself doing them, you stop doing them.

The Brave Girls Soul Restoration2 Roadmap to Success

This is where Melody Ross encouraged us to put down our roadblocks or landmines that get in our way of Success. Roadmap to Success-Life Book

 This week on Declaration of You-Success in TrishaLand!

My thoughts after visitng TrishaLand
I am Content in TrishaLand because:

the scent of fresh cut grass comes to mind
and that can translate to the real world by enjoying mowed lawns or help others mow

there were whimsical trees around me that can translate to the real world by me drawing, inking, and coloring these trees I see in my mind

there was happy uplifting musical Broadway music surrounding me/translates to making a playlist and a cd to take in my car of my favorite Broadway Tunes

I was happily doing my Fashion Web Community/translate focus on getting web and community up and running, Blogs, Facebook, web, etc

I was dressed in an outfit I made and an apron line I created/translates to me learning hwo to sew and making Apron Prototype
Key Activity Pieces

Key Activity Pieces/Are important to me Because

Penciling, inkin and coloring whimsical trees/it is something I can draw freehand
It's surreal (I love Surreal Art)
It's imagnitive
It opens my creative side

Getting the Fashion Web Community Up/It's my own
It could give me freedom
I won't have to work for others
It will give me financial security
I will make me delighted

Make a Broadway CD-playlist/ I love music
I love singing (and so will and plan to sing with it)
Makes me happy

TrishaLand Feelings

Brings about these TrishaLand Feelings

Financial Security
My first whimiscal tree, penciled, inked, and soon to be colored :)
Baby Steps


1 Volunteer at Omaha Fashion Week
2-Share my Passion at BarCamp Omaha
3-Learn/ask what others do (Buddy Press etc)
4-Start Building Site Community
5-Get Beta Testers
6-Make Marketing Cards
7-Have a Launch Party
8-Go to meetings, conferences, speak for groups, etc whatever it takes to do continual buisness for SF Community

Here is where I SHOULD on myself
ThingsI think I SHOULD know (but need to replace this with Want or Need or kick this bad boy outta here)

About websites community building/because I am a web designer

How to integrate the tools into/over my html site/I took html, I have learned this before

How to market myself effectively/because I am social

How to be Successful and Profitable/because well I don't know why I SHOULD know it but I think I should know. I want to know this for all the other things in my life...

I wrote on the top (No Shoulding on Yourself) (No shoulding allowed) DOn't you just hate it when others "should" all over you? Yeah me too so I am NOT going to do it to myself!

What is your definition of Success? How did you get there? Is that an image or viewpoint you like or are comfortable with? Well, I used to think of "Success" differently but as this year has taught me many things...this class has opened my eyes some more and helped me seee more about it.

I declare that my definition of Success is a bit of what I had before "following my passion and if you follow that passion, the true success will follow. People will desire to help you, money will flow in as needed." but I add...allowing my feelings to come forth and help guide me be

Financial Security
and to do the things that lead me here WHATEVER they may be WHENEVER I pull them up fro resources!

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