Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2 Things I do

In thinking about my 5 Questions I got to remember that there are two things I do on a regular basis.

I did it this morning and I do it every morning....

I fill out these sheets to help me get my brain focused.

The first one is What I Trust.

What I Trust helps me to see the things that are real and the truths behind it. Sometimes it is people I trust and sometimes it is a simple thing like I know the sun will rise.

The second sheet is called What I Know.

This helps me to focus on the things I truly Know not the things I think may be true or are the truths i my head. If I am questioning something I leave it off of here. This sheet is only for Things I know.

These two worksheets are very helpful in starting my day off right. Most especially if you are feeling like you don't have clear thought or not sure about things and don't know who or what to trust, this is a good starter.

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