Thursday, March 22, 2012

Risky Business

I was talking to a friend last night about being more social. I was trying to understand Social Anxiety disorder. He said when talking to others he feels like he is reaching really far out, like he is on a limb or a ledge and it scares him. Then he asked me what that feeling was and I blatantly stated,'s risk.

YES, he says. Ok Risk.

He is afraid of what others will think of him. He is afraid that others will judge him. He is afraid he will do or say something that is embarrassing and he would rather not talk to anyone at all than the fear of being embarrassed.

People tell me al the time I am Brave, I am Strong, I am Courageous, I am Fearless...I finally realized it last is because I am a Risk Taker.

In high school I was left behind, people didn't' want me or they were too afraid to tell me.I felt less than. I felt like why would anyone want to get to know me. I felt not good enough. I felt the "If I was...BLANK" If I was prettier, if I was more popular, if I talked less, if I talked more, if if if.

I am also one known to have "Filet of Sole" as in put my foot in my mouth syndrome. I know I may say the wrong thing or act the wrong way but that is part of leaning life. These events may embarrass me but instead of allowing that to keep me down, I understand know this may happen and so I go with the flow. I act like I meant to be embarrassed or that I didn't' even notice. If I offend someone I apologize. But in the end I know that not talking to other will do me more of a disservice than talking to them.

You never know when meeting someone or talking to them, who they might know, what they do, where they can lead you or what connections they might have. Every talking moment could lead to a potential something else.

I am willing to take the risk that it might not be anything, that I could say or do something wrong, but I am also willing to take the risk that it could be great and it could lead me to other things, other contacts, other potentials.

I feel this way about most things in my life right now. I am making huge leaps and bounds from where I was one to two months ago. I am getting back on track. It is not to say I am not scared or frightened, because I am. But I am not going to allow fear to rule me.

I now have shot three different types of guns, I learned how to train and walk a dog, I learned what I like and don't like about vacationing in small towns, I have learned to be stronger, snarky, and now I am learning how to be a Bad Ass Kick Ass Broad!

I am not afraid to go to Networking events, conferences, take risks in business or in life. I know there potential is great, I have seen my risks make me a better person, make my life grow and make my business grow. In the end, the risk is worth he chance for greatness.

As the image says below...

There's a time for playing it safe

and a time for Risky Business!

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