Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There is a new Sheriff in town...Bad Ass Kick Ass Trisha...Watch out!

Word to all...Fair Warning there is a new Sheriff in town...Bad Ass Kick Ass Trisha...Watch out!

I am done getting walked on. I am done getting shit all over. I am tired of cleaning myself up after everyone else has walked on me, stomped on me, left me in the dirt, blamed me, or pointed their finger instead of themselves.

I am tired of men using me for sex, making unwanted and unwarranted sexual advances toward me on Social Media or in public, rude remarks or treating my Social Media space like it is a hook up wall. I will not tolerate nasty, snide, crude, rude or offensive remarks to be posted anymore. If you do this, there will not be room for apologies, FB Messages or excuses. YOU WILL BE DELETED AND BLOCKED IMMEDIATELY. I am done allowing men to treat me badly, string me along, or keep me on a hook. I will protect my Soul House Fiercely. You will treat me like a lady or you will be banished.

Friends will be sincere and kind to me in their remarks and comments to things I post. If you don't like it, UN-FRIEND ME! There is no room in anyone's life for Toxic people or Toxic situations. Those days are of my past not my present and NOT my future. You are allowed to your opinion though it should come with respect. If you are unable to share your opinion without respect, there's the door...see yourself out and don't let it hit you in the Ass on the way out!!

Business contacts and connections will treat me like the equal that I am and stop talking down to me. I have just as much knowledge, brains and power as you, maybe sometimes more. Just because you had capital, investors or daddy's and mommy's with big bank accounts does not make you a success!

The New Radical Fierce Self Respecting Trisha is here to stay so you all better get used to it or GTFO! You thought I was weird unusual or "crazy" before...well, you all are gonna see a new kind of Bad Ass Kick Ass Krazy from me with a capital "K" you aint never seen before! Watch out comes KRAZY Miss Trisha!! POW POW!

Lessons learned from Stephanie St. Claire's Blissbombed Bad Ass Broad Workshop!!

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