Monday, December 06, 2010

Lessons Learned

While I was on vacation recently I head my mother say the things wrong in my past relationships and why they did NOT work in her mind. But what she did not know was what I head was what I was LEARNING through what she was saying instead:

So with that I about going to write here the things I learned~ (And I was writing below I realized these are things for me with men but one would suppose that if there be women in your life, the show then could be turned to the other foot...)

~ Note to Future Me-

~I complained more about the men in my life, rather than touted their good works and good deeds

~Tout the others good deeds, tout when they sent you notes, flowers, cards, text messages and remember to share with others all the little things that the significant other in your life do for you more than the bad things. and friends remembers the bad things more :)

~Don't talk to others about your relationship unless you want that back in your face at a later date and do all you can not to ever talk to others about it when tipsy because you won't remember but they do.

~Be careful what you say to your family because they never forget :)

~Write down dates that of good stuff your sweetie does for you...forget the rest...believe me it will benefit you later. :)

~Ironically, other guys were not that affectionate to me around my family and parents. I and the man in my life always thought we were being respectful. I mean what parent wants some guy all over their little girl?? Well, evidently, parents do at times want to see you touching and being more affectionate because the fact that other men were not more affectionate with me drove my parents insane I found it. HMMPH! Who knew?! (shrug of shoulders)

~The other things I now have learned to be more watchful of is doing things for family. My parents do remember all the things we did for them financially. She remember the time that these random people who are not family, daughters or nieces have bent over backwards to help her, yet she does not have a clue of remembrance to when my spouse or boyfriend and I uncovered her out of financial despair. So the lesson here to me is two fold-1 I can either not help out or 2 get receipts to prove at a later date that I did. Either way, I was told by friends years ago be watchful when loaning friends or family money. It gets sticky. Well, thanks, I get it now. :)

Basically, I have learned that I thought, me of all people was a squeaky wheel, but I guess when it comes to men, I am not squeaky enough. I need to be more squeaky....

Is that at all possible?

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