Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The finality of it all...

The finality of it all...

I get to choose where to walk. I choose to walk in the Light.

I go where the Peace is

Light and Darkness cannot occupy the same space

Dark and Lightness-house or that's what I call it anyway :)
The final lesson, our back two pages, then our last page, was about the Light and the Darkness. How Darkness and Light cannot exist in the same space. If we are having feelings of darkness in our soul then we are not thinking feeling of Light. If we are having negative thoughts like "I am forgotten, I am hurt, I am not worthy, I don't matter, it is never enough, nobody cares, everyone is better than I am,etc" (those are words I chose that are in the dark) then we are unable to feel the words that are the Truth that are in the Light... " I am worthy, I belong, I am enough, generosity, unconditional love, truth, life is a gift, this is where I belong and commitment" (Words in the Light I chose). I choose to walk in the light, the light of love, truth and happiness and will endure to the end and a new beginning with that.

I mostly had a hard time finishing as I said before because I didn't want it to come to an end. But I realized when one door closes another one opens. I have learned so much from this and there is SR 2 coming in June and I will be taking that. Plus I have the Brave Girls and have a new connection now with them. A new online Support group I never had. I have followers on THIS site I never had. I have a new family. Brave Girl Family.

 Also brought to my attention was that we still have the Promises book to work on. This Book is our last "On-Going" homework. This book is to be the Positive Promises to ourselves. How we will promise to make good choices etc. If you want to see more of my work on this go to my Art blog. I have taken more time on this and was very happy to hear other Brave Girls are really giving this thought and consideration. I really want to think about this one and not RUSH into it. this is special. Not that the others weren't, but they were more time sensitive I felt. This one is not and this one is mine and I can just keep adding or making more books. I want to be sure I make Promises to myself I can keep as well as ones that sound, well, sane. That may make some of you laugh, but I can have some pretty far fetching dreams and I am sure if I let myself go my Promises could get that way too. Plus I want this book to look aesthetically pleasing. Again, I felt more rushed in my last books, as well, I have learned so many more techniques since the beginning of classes and want to utilize all my skills.

Front of Promises Book

Inside Cover of Promises Book
 Lastly, I want to speak of me...this blog has been around awhile. I have been writing here since 2005. Up until recently I haven't really used it for pictures and such. I have the other art blog and will most likely have that more as my art blogging site as things move forward.

I end this journey wanting to say something before moving onto to my more regular blog writing. I have learned much through Soul Restoration. I would advise anyone who is feeling twisted, turned, mixed up, not feeling centered to take it. I would advise anyone who is looking for a great support group, a new family, a feeling of belonging to take it as you WILL find that there. I found that and more.

I found me again. I found the me that was strong. I found the me that knew what kind of eggs she liked - poached. :) I found the me that spoke up, stood her ground and refused to settle. I found the me that had dreams and found them again and started going for them again. I found the me that believed in myself again. I found the me that wasn't afraid to be me. The me that allowed myself to be who I am no matter what others think. Wear pink nail polish, headbands, barrettes, get bangs, wear mini skirts at age 40 years, don't act my age, don't care, have fun, enjoy life, savor life and life it up, be silly.

I also learned things through this process. I made developments that others in my life became proud of me for and were ever so thankful for. I developed a thicker skin. I learned how to move past my past. I learned how to live in EACH moment. I learned how to let things go like servers forgetting my order and not wanting to kill them. :) I learned how to NOT be a Jekyll/Hyde. I learned how to protect my soul house. I learned how to put people on the Moon. I learned how to send others to the curb. When having a bad day, I know I can reach for my Truth book or Truth cards and I have something strong to back me up. I also have my Brave Girl friends and I no longer have to do it alone.

I thought perhaps I wasn't Restored...but today..I realized...I am more Restored than I ever thought I could be, than I was 6 weeks ago. I am Stronger and Softer which is what I was going for and I have accomplished much. Going forward will not be easy..but Restored Trisha is here to stay and I am loving every minute of it!

The Restored Me :)

What came out of taking Soul Restoration:
Where I posted my Journey through SR 1 what came out of unleashing my creative side My blog for my new company I launched this year after a Trademark Infringement that could have kept me down. But because of SR 1 I did it ANYWAY!!

I also am doing Sparkles e course with Jaime Ridler to continue to Sparkle and shine and be the Light in the Darkness to others…

I bought Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Guidebook and am working through it to unleash the inner Goddess in me…
Get the new book HERE

The Right Brain Business Plan to open the Right Brain creative side in me which was always there, I just didn’t know until I took SR 1 and allowed myself to be me..

Then these things literally opened the flood gates and I am taking a GREAT LEAP in starting a non-profit I have always been wanting to do to help the homeless… a project I started a few years back under another group and am leaping into life to do it for REALS! :)

….and all these things starting on the right path of Soul Restoration at the beginning of the year helped me keep reaching for my potential…

Thank you Soul Restoration 1, Thank you Melody and Kathy and all the girls and ladies who helped the online class, and a BIG thank you to my fellow Brave Girls! Air kisses to all…I wish all our journeys to be amazing ones… :)


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I went back and read your old blogs and sweeit, you are flying and are so brave. so proud of you
    Teresa Potter ..From one Brave Girl to another

  2. Please become a fan of Brave Girls' Club and click on my post and "Like" to vote. The most votes wins tuition to Soul Restoration 2 for her and a friend as well as an awesome
    prize package with Brave Girl Aprons and Sweatshirts & art supplies
    straight from our sweet new clubhouse! Here is my first link for the Contest that I had
    alrea...dy wrote about my experience in Soul Restoration. Please vote Please vote for me ♥ Air kisses to you all ~Trisha Trixie~♥

  3. Wow Trisha !! You got my vote sweetie !! I am signed up for SP1 that will start soon. I am so in need of everything you speak of in your entry. After the death of my dear husband this past July... I am lost...trying to find me and the light you speak of! Bless you for sharing your experience. It only stirs the fire in me even more !! HUGS and air kisses... Kristy

  4. Thanks Kristy! I really want my mom to do this and my friend Cin to do this and so many. If I win, I almost don't know who I will give the other one too?!? LOL

  5. Anonymous8:55 PM

    *MWAH* Brave girl love to the newly restored Trisha! (I'm still a work in progress...but at least I'm making progress!!)