Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Right Brain

I have been inspired little by little each day I get to watch or be a part of this amazing video summit for the Right Brainers Business Plan Video Summit. Jennifer Lee graciously gave her time for TWO WEEKS to share with us insights and bring on other cohorts to teach and train us. Tomorrow will be the last day for this and of course, though all things must come to an end, we are sad. There is a great community though we can join and be a part of to meet and be together with other Groks. Mind you I just today learned that term but I SO plan on using it more and more. As if people didn't think I was strange enough now I am going to walk around talking about Grokking. LOL

This summit inspired me to start my Elevator Speech, I now have bought the book on my Kindle, clicked and added links to read others blogs, and then today made a creative calendar to get me organized creatively along the Right Path. :)

If you are a creative and have had a hard time with traditional business plans or Left Brain way of thinking, you might consider this book and he connections and blogs. I highly recommend getting connected to this. Maybe you are not sure if you are a Right Brainers or Left Brainer.That is okay too.

I spoke to someone today who needed some encouragement. Who just hadn't gone forward. he didn't know why he hadn't been successful but he knew he could make other successful. One of the things I told him and we ended up speaking about today was writing down your definition for success for one and also writing down what you want to make and double that! In addition to that we spoke of "Loving the moreness" and "Upping your Dreams" which made me laugh because I got to thinking, how many people want to say "UP YOURS!" to their dreams? Well, don't. Up those dreams. But be aware of the Big Dreams.

Mostly, get real with yourself. Get in tune with you are, who you want to be, and who you "wanted" to be. maybe you don't want to be that person anymore. Maybe you still do. What do you want out of life? Then why aren't you going for it? Are you letting yourself get in the way again? What are your time wasters? Maybe you need to write them down and put them in front of you so when you see yourself doing them, you stop doing them.

Be proactive. That's what I am doing. I check events and functions. I go to things and interact. I promote my business. I find a way to do what I want to do. I find things that help me not hurt me. this video summit almost literally fell into my lap. I was just out there searching, being me, looking for things to help my business and there it was. It spoke to me. I signed up and for the past two weeks when I could, I listened. I have not been able to attend every online event, but Jen had video and transcripts for us to read and I watched and read and learned.

Each little thing and guest speaker spoke to me. Chris Guillebeau The Art of Non Conformity really shouted to me and with Danielle LaPorte, creator of White Hot Truth and The Fire Starter Sessions. Other speakers like Michelle Ward When I Grow Up Coach, Todd Henry author of the forthcoming book The Accidental Creative and others.

All have inspired me and little by little I am taking more creative steps in the right direction. I already did my Elevator Speech and today to organize myself I did my Creative Calendar. Images are below.

I encourage you all to find your passion. Allow yourself to be creative. Even if you think you are a commplete logical left brain thinker. Try might like it!

This is my Creative Space starting to Shape Up
This last picture is my Creative Space starting to shape up. My Creative Calendar I jut made. My Bulletin Board with ribbon hanging. My Business Cards of the people I talk to the most, my Elevator Speech and in the Center my Article I was in the Des Moines Juice of the 3 Style that Make up Patricia Hunter as a reminder to continue to be me!

Always be's really hard trying to be someone else all the time. :)

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