Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Biggest Lesson I Gleaned- No More Living in the Past-Live in the Moment

As I was sitting watching my last videos today for the last class, I was hearing Melody say so many different things and I am feeling so may different things. Bittersweet feelings for one. I packed my room in one hour and everything fit in my car. This made me feel thoughts that this was either sad or pathetic but yet I overcame it because I knew that was a mean self talk and the positive thought and truth was that I am moving forward and positive powerful good things were ahead in my future.

Then I am here watching the videos and Melody says things that jump out to me that I feel I must repeat not only for myself but for others. "I will only look back to the past to be grateful. there is no reason to go back and live in the past. There is no reason to be a part of the past. The only reason to EVER go back to the past is to be grateful for the lessons that you've learned. Promise yourself that you will only look back to be grateful. Be grateful for the lessons you have learned. Learn those lessons. Live in Each Moment. Not in the Past and Not in the Future.Stop Worrying, Stop hoping for Things So much that we are seeing what is right in Front of our Face.Live in the Beauty of Each Moment. Live in what we can do and the changes we can make in each moment. Don't worry about how we will Survive in the future."

I am ok right now.I made it through Yesterday. I am making it Through Today. I will make it through Tomorrow. If I can share my light with one person that I see has lost their way, or shine brightness on one soul, I have done a good deed for the day.

This journey has taught me so much and really, truly am thankful.

The Biggest Lesson I Gleaned- No More Living in the Past-Live in the Moment

Each Moment. Each. I was living for Each Day. Now I am ling for each moment. I thought I was savoring life. I thought I was devouring it. I thought I was eating it. I thought before that I was a human magnet. I heard at the beginning of this journey "You are such an Amazing person, you will be more amazing when you are done." All I can say is this...

Watch out world...because Trisha is not only BACK, but Better than Before, New and Improved...New Truth, New Sisters, New Foundation, New Way of looking at life I never thought of and Strength back but Stronger than before and THIS TIME...see THIS TIME...I have a Support Group..called BRAVE GIRLS I never had before and they will be with me EACH MOMENT I CHOOSE to have them there! :)

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