Thursday, February 10, 2011


When Melody was talking about Choices and what choices led us to where we are of course is my head I start thinking about songs...

Destiny by Katherine Mc Phee

God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Where you are by Josh Groban

Dare You to Move Switchfoot

Unwritten by  Natasha Bedenfeld

This=This is what the Lesson is on this week. Meaning this is our equation. what choice equal what. Bliss Equal what in your life. Heartache equals what in your life and so on.

what if I hadn't made this choice? Where would I be? If I had chosen another way where would I be? I think of those books that have different choices in them when you were a kid. If you choose ending A go to page 5, if you choose ending b go to page 10. I was always that kid that would re-read the book over and over and try to see how the book would change if I chose different endings. but you know what would happen? I would end up getting lost in the story. I finally would give up and move on to something else. how true that is in my life now.

There are so many choices we can make in our life that lead us in one direction or another. There is also a choice to stay still and in the same spot and immovable. Sometimes that choice to be planted still can be a great thing and good for you. It build strength and solidarity. It helps you in your job to show you can be there for years to show stability. It can be good in a relationship. there are a lot of great things in that choice to stay and be still and be the same.

But the choice to stay, be the same, and continue along the same path expect different results-definition of insanity- that's what that is. That choice is crazy. That choice can make a person mad. that choice is unhealthy. That choice sometimes can be happening right in front of you and you not even see it. It could go one for years and you not see it. other people can see it. Other people are even holding mirrors up to your face but you are like a vampire that can't see your own reflections saying "What are you talking about, I don't see it?"

What wakes you up our of that or what is it that finally makes you see your own reflection? Truth Serum.

I don't know what else to call it. Brave Girls and Soul Restoration have filled me with Truths. So much so that those Truths gave me Strength. That strength was already there, Strong, Confidant, Powerful Patricia was here all the time she was just hiding out pleasing men and everyone else around her so much no one else saw it for awhile. In the last 5 weeks she has re-emerged and she DOES remember what it feels to be HOME and she WILL PROTECT it FIERCELY!!

IT is not easy to make choices that will hurt another. It is not easy to make choices that you know will hurt yourself in the moment, but in the long run, doing what is right is the best choice.

If the circumstances have not changed, the issues are still there, and the problems are not resolving, then it's time for a change. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Live in the moment. don't plan for tomorrow. Live for today. I am finally listening. No bridges are burning no tables are turning no tides are turning no waves are crashing. Just Keep Livin, Right? ;)

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