Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am a Non-Conformist

I am a non-conformist. I believing in being me and being real. I am not afraid to be me. I am honest to a fault and beleive in Integrity. I am unique and different and I am ok with that. I refuse to live the way others or society deems I should because they say so. I was not meant to fit in or be a part of the mold. I make my own. It does get lonely at times, but I know it is worth it. I was born in Iowa, raised in California, then came back to Iowa and then bounced about the states for awhile. I have Midwestern down home attitude with a Cali girl style about me. This and my life's experiences though they have been rough and not always so easy, have made me the Unique Gem and Beautiful Soul that I am.

I beleive in Love even at all costs, even if my heart could get broke.

I beleive in Romance and think it is not dead, just most men don't get it, want to be that way or think that it will get them anywhere. I believe I can have "Love in a Movie" as they say in Sleepless in Seattle and that there is real chivalry out there. It is not dead, just stale

As you see I believe in Fairy tales and magic. Yes I do believe in magic. I am Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty wrapped up in one. I have had to work to get where I am, struggled and treated like crap, made fun of and put down. Fairy godmother's in the form of friends who cared showed up and my life got better and magical. There will be a knight someday to rescue me and he will not only be the one who found my glass slipper and came after me, but also be the one in the same that is willing to fight through the thistles and thorns to get to me in the tower.(if you don't get the reference go watch Cinderella then watch Sleeping Beauty)

I am there for my friends even when they are not there for me, push me away or tell me I am wrong or I am being mean to them because I am being truthful. I will however only take so much of your abuse, sabotage and crap towards me before I let you go, or now, send you to the Moon and you and the other Moon Dwellers can have a party without me, and that is one I would be happy NOT to be invited to.

I am though the one that collects and gather friends. Because I will stand by you through thick and thin I am good to have around. Whether I know you or not, Facebook know you, Blog know you, if I beleive in you, then you and I are good to go. I will stand up for you, stand by you and defend you at all costs. I like more friends and gather many around, but recently through my Soul Restoration I have learned that there are those will are the good choice uplifting ones and the sabotaging bad ones. If you hurt me, I am not afraid to tell you so be ready to hear it. if you leave our friendship because of it, then so be it. I am not a doormat.

I am most often the girl in the room other girls hate. Because I am not afraid to be me and well, let's face it I know I am pretty, I get lots of attention. I am not one of those trying to take your guy so don't think that. I am just the girl who the guys want to talk to. Again I am not going to stop being me. Sorry, but maybe you need to get your "A" game on. Bring it. too many times I see the lackadaisical way girls present themselves and I am appalled. do your hair and makeup, wear nice clothes at least clean ones, take care of yourself. think about the women in the 50's. I enjoy being a girl. Guys enjoy me being one. They would look at you that way if you took care of yourself too.

I adore Audrey Hepburn and Jacki O. They are women I admire. they have Style and Grace. They are true genuine women. They have an aura about them.people were drawn to them now people are drawn to me. I have learned much from reading and learning and taking in knowledge about these women. I am a human magnet. People are drawn to me like a butterfly is to a flower, like a moth is to a flame. I know it is because I am different, special, unique. I am thankful now for that.

I am a woman who has a brain and I am not afraid to use it. I like discussing Religion and Politics the two things you are NOT supposed to discuss. I like discussing Information Technology and computers. I like to talk about Science and things of the world. I want a lively discussion from friends and those I am dating and love it when someone challenges me.

Not the same as playing me. I don't like games and am WAY tired of them. I mean a Challenge, like they challenge my brain cells to work, to think. I like the fact the someone recently taught me Chess. That was my date. That was more fun then going out dancing all night long. I like it when the person I am with wants to discuss the world around them and the latest business books I have read. When we discuss the economy, gas prices or things of the like. This challenges my brain and to me is exciting and fun.

I am searching out good people in my life lately. I am allowing those who are already in it to fill it and fill my needs and wants. When it doesn't happen, I have learned not to be afraid to say so. I am me. I have always been me. No matter what I have been through, I will still be me. I will grow and learn and advance, yes, but inevitably still be me.

I am a Beautiful Soul. I am unique. I am different. You will never meet anyone like me. Hi, I am Trisha. :)

(thanks KSM for your insrpiration - go to her blog - Normal is a Setting on the Dryer  to see what inspired me to write this.)


  1. WOW!! this sounds very much like me. You know who you are...that is wonderful. I really could identify with what you are saying...GREAT!

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    I cringe every time I know someone who reads my blog and then a kind stranger comes through and humbles and makes it all worth it. I love all women and hot ones who play chess? Bring it! Keep writing. You have a new fan :)

  3. Awesome! I like new fans!! I like old fans! I like fans that spin round and round, even!! Do you spin round and round?

  4. Thanks Bea! I am finding there are more like minded people around than I thought!

  5. love it, thats all. New fan here via KSM.