Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Whole New World and Me in a Corner trying to learn Datingese

I am back in a new world. A whole new world. The dating world. It is this world of cues and handshakes, signals and subtleties. I feel like I am in a foreign land. I found out recently...I forgot how to speak-Datingese

Datingese is that language of all those cues and signals. Getting asked for coffee is worse than getting asked out for lunch, lunch is better than dinner, dinner and a movie is better than both, but drinks can be death. Then there is when a guy texts you after you met at a business function. When there seems to be something one could read between the lines, do I or am I just seeing something? Did the guy MEAN to say it that way or was he jsut being nice?

I am not so sure anymore. And then there is the whole me trying to ask a guy out. Well, I caught myself stammer tonight trying to ask a guy out to dinner. He responded with coffee. After socializing and then returning to one another we connected back up to determine maybe we would meet up for something on Friday night.

Well, then that's a whole other thing if you get a night or  day invite. One invite for one day or one night or do you get invited to a weekend day or a weekend night. Geesh. Wow I am so out of touch.

The last thing is the best. The cream if the crop is not the cream of the crop anymore. So, try to find a quality date on a dating site or on a Facebook group or page anymore. WOW! Ya that's all I gotta say. so I was looking just to see what is out there and this one site I went to looked like all the guys were douchebags saying "S'up" or "Yo!", I mean come on. Men holding their chins or showing off their abs or arms. Really is this what men really think women want to see? YUCK. Make me barf.  I am looking for quality people here, give me a break.

I did find It's Just Lunch and really liked what they had to offer. Quality men and women who were CEO's, Business professionals, socially active people, people who led busy lives and perhaps didn't have a lot of time to be involved with dating or who were also looking for quality people. Yes. I like this site so far. Let's see if they deliver. I don't want to go to bar. I don't want to be on some scummy dating site staring and scrolling through pictures to find a date. I own my own company, do freelance work, am socially active and am driven. This site sounds perfect for me.

I have a hard enough time through this process. I feel so lost out in this new world. When at these events or in the world trying to ask someone out, I end up like that shy girl in high school again like no one wanted to ask out to prom. I am now single and I don't have a date for Friday night. how did that happen?

I know it takes time. I am not a good patient person. I am "working on it." In the meantime...I will keep trying to learn Datinese :)

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