Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Operation Beautiful

What did you today? Was it a special Valentine's for you? Did you feel Beautiful? Do you ever feel like you are having an off day? Do you ever feel less than? What would you do if you came upon a note randomly one day in the bathroom of Target or Panera or someplace you would never expect it on a post it note that said "You are Beautiful!"? Wouldn't that make your day? I know it would make mine!

I heard about Operation Beautiful and knew right away I had to be a part of it. I have randomly left notes on peoples windows or in bathrooms before, but usually they say things like "Have a nice day!" or "Smile!" But this really touched me as a woman who has recovered yet still struggles with bouts of Anorexia loving oneself for who I am A Beautiful Soul Just The Way I Am. 

So today, my day started with me going to Target, buying a pack of post it notes, a Pink Sharpie and a mission while I ran my errands today. I hope to post 100 notes but somewhere around 77 ish I lost count and stopped around there. But I do know I posted up to 77 and then a few after that. I started at 9:30 am and ended about 5pm.

Where was the best one I will never forget?? I snuck into my counselor's office and stuck one on the bathroom mirror that said "You are Beautiful Just the way you Are!" in the woman's bathroom and then ran out the door without anyone seeing me. :) that was fun...I giggled in my car and texted a friend right away to share in the fun!

I stopped randomly in palces I had no intention of buying things just to place notes like Walmart, Michael's. Joann's Fabric, Big lots and other random stores...but other places I did run errands to like Target, Panera and Trader Joe's which by the way...I caught a woman coming out of TJ and a big smile was on her face when she came out and that was fun to see!

If you want to Make a Difference unconditionally, get yourself some post it notes and start leaving them whever you go and beleive will make a difference in your day, because right now...I feel great! :)

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