Thursday, February 03, 2011

Loving the Life You Are in Anyway

So as you know this week we are talking about the "Anyway"

Doing it Anyway. Moving Forward Anyway. I decided to do a truth card today on loving the life you are in and all I could think of was adding Anyway. How many times do we care about what the other person has on teh other side of the fence? How many times do we try to keep up with the Jones's? how many times do we compare ourselves with others in our lives?

Rather, shouldn't we love the life we have? Look around you. I bet if you look, you have a lot to be thankful for. Sure I am sure you have a lot you could gripe about. don't we all. But stop looking at that and look at what you DO have.

Take me for example. Today, I don't have a migraine. YAY! Today, I have a card that works. Today, my kids are talking are talking to me. Today, I have money in my bank account. Today, I got papers about my new business. Today, things are good. Today, I love the life I am in.

Not ever day is great. I get that. I understand more than any person you could imagine. I have not had it easy. It may not be easy tomorrow. I am ready for that. But I love the life I am in today. I am loving that life, ANYWAY.

Despite the turmoil, despite the reasons why I shouldn't, despite the issues that come up, despite the excuses I could make, despite the setbacks that have happened, and despite the ones that still could happen. There is always going to be something, the is always going to be some excuse for why you can't do whatever it is you are trying to do and there will always be something that gets in your way.

Stop looking over the fence and the love the life YOU are in. Not the life someone ELSE is in.

Love the life you are in ANYWAY.

You'd be surprised what will happen once you do.

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