Friday, February 04, 2011

The Many Excuses, Moving On & Other Stuff

This week as I have said has been about Doing it Anyway. As you will see below there is a pile. A pile of Excuses. No these are not reasons. I was watching a show New Amsterdam on my Hulu this week to relax and the son said "That isn't a good reason" and I thought, Well,if it is a reason then perhaps but no it was not a good excuse.  As I was cutting all these excuses up it amazed me the thing we could come up with to get in our way. We let our past get in our way. We let past loves get in our way. We let our jobs get in our way. We let our family get in the way. We let our friends get i the way. We make excuses for everything. The choice is ours. Do It Anyway, whatever that IT may be or we don't. It IS that simple.

People I talk to say, "Oh, you don't understand. You don't live my life, you don't work a full time job, you don't have the burdens I do, you don't have the issues I do, and so on." No, you are right. I don't, I have my issues, but they are not any less than yours. You solely perceive them to be. That also is your right, though I do not beleive that to be true. You try to carry the burden of what I have been through in my life and wake up everyday. You try to put a smile on your face and make a difference in the lives of others. You try to look for freelance work, start a new business, make sure you kids are ok, send out resumes, send out emails, search on job boards, make phone calls for new clients constantly hearing "NO", having ex spouses make your life miserable year after year, and having to go through the same cycles of life over and over again no matter what you do. But no matter what, no matter what that pile of excuses down there is shouting at to me, no matter what it has told me, no matter what people have told me and beleive me I have had ex in laws tell me I was nothing, tell me I was worthless, tell me I would never amount to anything, that it would be better if I should checked myself into a hospital and stayed there and that I am a horrible mother and the best thing I could do for my children was to never show them who I was or to love them. Then to have other people in my life tell me to not go forward in my business ventures. That it would be a waste. That I would not succeed. That I would fail.For people tell me not to get married because I would fail at that too. One thing or another I have had someone push me down, berate me o tell me I couldn't do it. I have had more people tell me I would fail, not succeed or to give up hope than I have had those be on my side telling me go for it.

So you say to me, "You don't understand You don't live my life." You are correct. I don't. I live mine. I have lived mine and it has not been easy. But I Did it Anyway. I Got up Anyway. I Loved Anyway. I Danced Anyway. I Sang Anyway.  I Ice Skated Anyway. I did Gymnastics Anyway. I was in Bells Anyway.I Started a Band Anyway. I Modeled Anyway. I started Fashion Consulting Anyway. I started Fashion Designing Anyway. I Loved Anyway. I Got Married Anyway. I Broke Free Anyway. I Started a Business Anyway. I was Successful Anyway. I Hoped Anyway. I Loved My Kids Anyway. I Fought for them Anyway. I Survived Anyway. I Bought a Car Anyway. I Got a Keyboard Anyway. I am Learning Piano Anyway. I am Learning French Anyway. I Went to Europe Anyway. I Learned Spanish Anyway. I Believe Anyway. I am Happy Anyway. I Smile Anyway. I am Joyful Anyway. I am Cheery Anyway. I Try Anyway. I Believe in People Anyway. I Trust Anyway. I Believe in Love Anyway. I will Move On Anyway.


Cut Out Excuses

More Excuses

My Truth book 2 Page Spread

Left Side

Right Side
 I wanted to show you some of my Journal pages. I have been having a hard time but finally broke free from the constraints of journaling to show what I could really do with my pages and here are a few examples. What is funny about this page is that I was watching a video recently called "Sunshine Cleaning" and she chants there mantras and then starts laughing and when I was doing this page I would just start cracking up. It is an inside joke, but I think I will forever look at this page and remember that movie and crack up!
Journal Page

Another Journal Page

 This one is kewl because it is a way to journal without having everything out in the open. You pasts down an envelope and write on another paper what you are feeling. Then put in the envelope the paper and then you still have in your journal the words but only you know what is inside and only you can see.
A way to hide something only you can see

A ready page

Another ready page
 This is my page showing my Weak Self and my Strong Self working Together!
Weak Self and Strong Self Journal Page
So all in all we are Doing It Anyway. Whatever it Takes. We are Moving on. One of the Girls posted this video in my Music and play lists folder and I thought it was fitting to add here. No matter what we need to jsut move on. Let go of the past. Let go of the excise and move on. quite holding onto to the excuses and the lies and quit claiming them as REASONS, they are not "reasons" they are excuses and lies and they are holding us down. Don't let them. 

DESPITE those excuses, DO IT ANYWAY...

Keep Moving On...

Moving On - Anyway

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