Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Truth Card Challenge Spot

Some of you may know but in case some of you don't, I created a separate blog for my Art A Day Challenge. J always says that doing art a day is like practicing piano (which I also am doing daily now), so because we have so many Truths to choose from and I think doing a bit of Art a Day can also keep one sane I create a separate blog off this one to showcase my art a day challenge.

For now until the end of the course I will be doing a Truth Card a Day until the course is over. Then after that, I could do truth cards, sketch cards, a sketch who knows, but i know once I get myself into the habit of it then it will be a lot easier.

I not only am doing a card but I am taking pictures each day and doing a little video every day about what I did or audio and loading it up to. This is for me and for you. I feel this makes it much more of a challenge. I am not just doing a card and throwing up some pictures. this makes me take an active part in what I am doing. So far it is working well. I will tell you this, if you know every day you are getting in front of the camera you do you hair and makeup and get your butt outta bed. now I have followers and that makes it nice too because I think that people are waiting to hear from me, just like this blog.

If you would like to follow my Truth Card Challenge or follow my Art a Day Keeps the Crazies Away blog go here for the link and come follow my Truth Card journey or my journey with art. Thanks

Here is a sneak peek of my First Truth Crd for my Challenge...Go to the site for more...

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