Sunday, February 06, 2011

Love without expectations...

Have you ever watched Friends the TV show? Well, Whenever I think about this Truth I think about that show. The truth is

"Love without expecting anything in feels really good."

But the things is,  is that truly really possible?

It is just like the show. Phoebe is trying to talk to them about doing a selfless good deed and she feels that there such things and Joey says there is no such thing.

That is how I feel about loving without expecting anything in return. is that possible? I don't think it is. One can try, but I think even if you really try somehow there is still a hope or prayer that you will receive something or that you will end up gaining something. Even if you really do expect nothing, the universe or karma will end up giving you something in return. You will receive love in return. So in some way you know that, so in some way you are expecting it.

So as much as you try to "Love without expecting anything in return" is there really a way to do it?

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  1. You make a good point but there is a flaw in your understanding! Of course, expecting to be happy is not something that you should never deny to yourself! Hence, expecting nothing from life is really not the point. The point is not expecting a particular result at a particular time and trusting life. That you love yorself by making yourself feel good and not needing a specific person, a specifi relationship at a specific time. You have to be able to really FEEL you can do without - even if it never happened! But all the while, you enjoy life in other ways; such that you feel good and still love life.