Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Doing It Anyway

The Theme for this week is Doing It Anyway or actually She Did It Anyway... Before Melody was even done with the lessons I had to stop the vieos and go looking for this video Anyway by Martina McMbride..

 I remember hearing this years ago and thinking that was a motto for me. Melody spoke of all the excuses, all the things that hold us back, all the things that keep us down, all the excuses that keep us from moving forward in our lives, all the excuses from asking someone to marry them, all the excuses from asking someone out, all the excuses from asking for a raise, all the excuses for doing what we love to do, all the excuses for being who we want to be, all the excuses from asking for love, or asking for what we really want, all the excuses from having your own business, all the excuses for not moving forward, all the excuses for not challenging yourself, all the excuses for not speaking up, just all the excuses and believe  me for some, there are many.

I am one of those that would have good reason to stop and say "No I don't want to go any farther" and I don't think anyone would doubt the reasons why. But yet, I do it anyway. I was beaten, I got up. I was abused, I walked away. I lost my job, I got another one. I lost my business, I am starting another one. I failed with my kids, I started over. I failed at love, I tried again. I failed at marriage, I want to have another. I have bills to pay, I will work it out. I don't know where I am going to live in a month, I will find another place when that time comes. I will do it anyway. I am broken, I can be put back together. I have hit rock bottom, I made it up from there.I did it anyway.

To me there was no other choice but the choice to do it anyway. My mother raised me that you don't get to lie in bed all day because the world is waiting for you. She would say "You were made for this. You can do it. Now go out there and show them, show the world they didn't win." I used to think my mother was crazy. Then as I got older I met other people who came into my life who would tell me the same thing. My friend E was there when my ex was not the best to me. Both of my exes. He would tell me "Don't let them see it get to you. Hold you head high to the sky, wipe you tears and go prove them that they are wrong!" Someone recently that I stop by and say hi to here and there at an office I visit V is an amazing woman and she said "You just be you and be the best you there is. You just keep on keepin' on honey!"

All of them are saying the same thing. DO IT ANYWAY.

Someone recently gave me a great compliment for being SO AMAZING and it made me smile because I thought, "You know I am aren't I. Beautiful on the inside and out. I have endured many trials in life. I have lived so that I may have empathy for others. I am here to bring Joy to you.

I am here to Keep Doing It.

I will Keep Doing It too!

Doing It Anyway!!!


  1. I love this! Thanks for posting it! WE need to hear this! HUGS

  2. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  3. I love that you reminded us of this song...it is definitely an amazing theme song for us Brave Girls!!! I enjoyed your blog....you ARE amazing!!
    See you at SR!

  4. Thanks Mimisherry!