Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being a Woman

A few weeks ago I found this amazing book on "The Family of Woman" and the images and quotes really touched my heart. I have been wanting to share it with you. I would like to share it with you today...I connected so much with these images and you will see by my images added why...

Women care about Beauty...but there is more than Beauty on the outside that matters. I have heard from many men and even recently that Beauty runs inside a woman. An attractive woman can be beautiful on the outside, but if she has inner beauty she is more beautiful that any outward appearance.

Some Women care about are a representation to me of how I stand, how I walk, how I carry myself. If I am wearing boots, I have two kinds, one comfy that says...relax, chill out and my high heeled boots make me feel like I can conquer anything. I love my pumps and heels because I feel glamorous and it brings back to mind the days of when I modeled. But even more so, shoes say how a woman feels about herself. Shoes can say, I feel down and dingy or I feel strong and powerful.

Speaking of modeling...many think modeling is a bunch of women standing around or flaunting themselves. Quite the contrary. Did you know it takes great courage, being fearless and secure in oneself to get up on a stage and show yourself to others?

Some women have friends they can call at anytime. Some women have no one. I have not always been one to get along well with other women in my life. I rarely connect with another woman and if I do, it seems short lived. I have found a select few that I feel do their best to get along with me and I them. This is my dear friend Tami. I love her to death. She always hugs people like this in pics. It makes me smile. She taught me how to smile sexy in a pic and she also taught me how to enjoy the journey. She has jumped out of a plane a few times, she was the President of an organization, she is fearless. I feel like she is an inspiration to me. I have a couple other female friends and of course a few guys friends who I feel like I could count on. But, female friends for me are the hardest to connect with. I am thankful for Tami, Bridget, Val and Vicki, Melissa, many others too long to mention and my longest female friend I have ever had... Cinn (she accepted me when I was still growing, she accepted me during my journeys, she accepts me still today)


Tami and Me

And then...there are my Brave Girls...this picture emulates how I feel about my Brave Girl friends. These girls all look like they are banding together and whatever it is they are talking about, a boy, a heartache, problems at work, or home, or anything that is disrupting their pal, their friend, it is like they are all saying "No, they didn't! Ok girls, here's is what we are going to do..."

To have found friends like these...Priceless...

Being a Woman is not as easy as it seems. The ending page to me says it all..

"Before anything else, you are a daughter, a wife, a, before all else...I am a human being, just as you are..."

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