Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giving Back not Giving Up

I was recently catching up on some reading on The Art of Non-Conformity and ran across a few things that really spoke to me. Mostly the one on Giving up

It spoke to me because I do have my own business. Many people say things, "Oh that must be nice" and "OH, you work from home? So you lie around in your pajamas and sit on the computer?"

No. I do NOT do those things.

As Chris says. It is not always easy.

In my life I am the Sole Person running this ship. I currently have a Web and Social Media business, Trisha Trixie and Company and manage, run it, network it, invoice clients, and everything myself. When one is an Entrepreneur, it is not easy to maintain everything on your own.

My life is about to get even harder. I am starting a Non-Profit to help the Homeless, Heroes 4 the Homeless. It is a passion I have had for many years. I did this as a project under the Jaycees and it as successful and won awards. After taking the Soul Restoration, Right Brain Business Plan, Jaime Ridler Studios, and completing the Goddess Guidebook, I decided to jump...

LEAP...actually into this adventure.

It is not always easy. I do get burnt out. Though many people think I don't. It is tough being the only one on the totem pole. If I ain't doing, nobody is. if I ain't talking about my business, no one else is. If I am not networking, no one else is.

But just like Chris I realized a few things like he did.

  • I will keep going
  • I could have chosen to work for someone else, but I hated it, it didn't suit me and I was miserable
  • I chose this life and this path and this road of being an entrepreneur, having my own business and starting my own NP
  • All it takes is "one thing" to make it all worth while
  • I find that "one thing" every single day
  • Someday those THINGS are better than others...
Tonight...that thing was recognition.

I have been around Social Media for years and it took me forever to get my name out there and then I had a Trademark Infringement and had to start over. Believe me, hold onto your business names and do things right the first time. The cost in the beginning is worth it in the end. Name recognition is HUGE when you own your own business.

Tonight it happened and I had to do all I could to control myself from squealing right there when I was talking to a the head of our chamber of Commerce and she tilted her head and said "Yes, I have heard of you. the buzz is talking."


That was so awesome! Words on this blog could not even fathom to describe how elated I felt. I have only been talking to people about the Homeless NP for "TWO WEEKS" and she has already heard of me and my NP and what I am doing?!? Wow! I mean Wow!

That right there...that makes it all worth it.

You know what else? When I see a smile on the face of a homeless person I have helped. When I can give them a ride or donate clothes or food to them. When I have helped another, that is what makes it worth it.

Giving back....

not Giving Up.


  1. Can we do coffee sometime? : ) You go girl! I just jumped into a new venture as well. I was so scared at first and now, well, I am running on pure adrenaline!
    I wish you great success with your NP as well as your own business!