Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Should Be...

It is not always easy to walk away from someone you dearly love. I know I should just walk or run or hide and move on. But it is not always that easy. Everyone always asks me why I can't just walk away. Well, because it should've be him. I wanted so desperately for it to be him. But guess what? No amount of shoulda, coulda and woulda's was going to make that happen.

So here I am. Out in the dating world. Alone.

...but I am not alone. I know when he hears of the things I am doing someone in the back of his head he is thinking what this song says. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to put it here.

How many of us have been on this side? How many of us are looking at "the one" thinking That should be me? How many of us are on the other side wishing that is was? How many of us are in the middle?

I am sure everyone has an answer somewhere in those questions. I have been both. I don't like being the one to walk away. I don't like being the one to tell a guy who even is trying to date me now, "You know what, it's just not working, there is no point in moving on."

My friends have said I am harsh but honest. They will nod their heads in agreement though that it is better for a guy to know than work effortlessly for nothing. I have been told men actually do cower in a corner wondering "Why won't she love me? Why didn't she pick me? Why isn't it working? Why did she leave?" and so forth...

I guess I never see it, so to me it is not there. But what I realized is that that is like Faith. We don't see it, but we still believe. I am the same. I have yet to see true love in action in my life, but I still believe I can have it. I felt I had it once and then my world turned upside down and I ended up left out in the cold wondering what happened. Inevitably I pulled my bootstraps up and faced reality.

No matter how much love you have for another...sometimes it just isn't enough to conquer the world. No matter how much you like a girl or a guy, doesn't mean it is going to work.

Perhaps you are the one empathizing with the song and thinking "That should have been me." Well, because I beleive in fairy tales and love in the movies...I beleive...someday it will.

Someday you will be the prince rescuing the just might not be me. Someday you will be the prince and one day I will be the princess. But give this thought in your head...maybe you were the Prince, you just didn't see it. Or maybe you have yet to be the Prince you were meant to be.

As I said in posts before I am the Sleeping Beauty and One Day My Prince Will Come..

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