Friday, March 18, 2011

Grok Guy

There are a select few that I feel are Like Minded like me. There are very few men I find even remotely close. There are even fewer men I find are as busy as me. There are very men I truly truly admire. This person meets all that and more it is eerie.

Mr. BlueJeanKnight is an amazing man and even more than I thought. I met him at a network function here in Des Moines. In talking and acquainting I got to hear the things that he is involved in. He is a business entrepreneur, he teaches dance, he is involved in a performing group, he does other work on the side, he travels and he goes to events and functions to promote all of those things.

A few months ago I was preparing to travel to see my mother and had a license issue. I had to go to DMV/DOT (Department of Motor Vehicles or in Iowa Department of Transportation) to get this renewed. But I had to take a written test, then a driving one, but didn't know I was going to have to do the driving and ended up needing to be rescued in my situation. Everyone else I knew worked during the day and would not be able to help me. As I racked my brain of other people who possibly had my schedule I thought of him. Without hesitation he agreed to come help me out. He picked me up, drove my car to DMV, then before I could take the test we realized I had a screw in the tire or flat tire. He took the car to go get it fixed and was just going to do it without bothering me with details. I found out because my number was getting closer and he had not yet returned. But the thought was there to fix it though we found out it was unfix-able quickly. He tried. That meant a lot.

After the events, I had my license and I took him out to lunch as a thank you. We were laughing over the matter and I said he was my "knight to save me" for the day. he laughed looked down at his jeans and stated "a knight in blue jeans perhaps" and it stuck with me. Thus he is Mr. BlueJeanKnight.

He has always been sincere to me and kind when at events and this situation made me thankful to have friends like him. the more I got to know him the more I was amazed at all the things he was involved in.At the most recent event I heard a barrage of things and said "Wow, you are the only person I know that is as busy as me, if not more!" We both laughed and agreed!

I attempted to ask him out but stuttered and stammered and tripped over my words as this new dating thing is so foreign to me again. I am quite confident in myself but I still feel at time like the girl in High School that wonders why someone would want to go out with me and then feel like retreating. My confidence is little by little gaining though.

He asked me to post something for him since I have more connections and the confident girl in me challenged him to the slipped up date and teased him a bit. It was a funny exchange because we realized he did try but the phone numbers he had were not mine.

After realizing that he didn't quite have the right calling number as texting number (which seems to happen with other cell phone carriers I have heard far too many times so this was plausible to me that it could happen)we got together last minute for a date. Being the oh so busy man he is, he was not going to have the time any time soon, so it was that evening or not for awhile.

We lucked out that we both had the time and had a simple dinner and chat. But the chat was not simple per say as most dates with me lately I am a griller. Meaning I grill you. I want to know things and I am not here to waste my time. I like getting to know others and asked some pretty tough questions. I am not afraid to take a risk even and overstep a boundary or two if it means I may find out what I need to know. If they don't want to talk about it, then I know I have crossed over.

In this moment I thought I had. I knew he had mentioned a time before that he suffered from Cancer. Pretty big topic, I know. But I did not know anything about this and for someone who seemed so vibrant and busy I was curious to know more about it. I was glad when he willingly talked and shared about his experience. Even more so I was amazed, though because of how this man is, I thought later that I should not have been surprised.

It amazed me to hear how he was not feeling well and based on breathing test he found out he had a lump in his chest and had cancer. Even though his doctor told him to get a second opinion he said no and trusted his doctor with all he had. When I asked him about remission and stages I was enlightened to hear his theory on how he handled and beat this. He said he never thought about it or let it get to him. All he cared about was the next step in the process and how to beat it. Getting down, getting weary, letting it affect him was not an option!

To say I was on the edge of my seat...yeah. I could feel my eyes widen and my heart feel amazement! I have often been told if I was ever given an illness that I would be JUST LIKE THAT! Not letting life get to you, moving forward despite what life flings at you. For him, life flung a really big one too!

By the time he was done speaking, my admiration has begun. WOW. I truly admire that man. He had Cancer. He beat it. He did not let it affect him. He lives life in forward motion. He is a business person. He likes to stay busy. He likes to be involved. We are like minded.

We Grok.

To grok (pronounced /ˈɡrɒk/) is to intimately and completely share the same reality or line of thinking with another physical or conceptual entity.

Not only do we Grok, but he made it through the rain. The rain of life...the storms...he has suffered and he survived with a smile and a passion and drive for life. He is a Grok Guy.

I keep thinking about the discussion and about his life and I find myself shaking my head and saying WOW! I truly admire this man. I think others need to hear his story. I think others need to hear his life and passion.

I think I am intrigued...