Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

2011: Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for the world?

I wish for the world: Homelessnessless

I see how much it has affected people, good people, people who once had thriving jobs and lives. I once was homeless. I lived out of my car for awhile when I was younger. Then also my spouse and I ended up living out of our Toyota truck. We would go to Joshua Tree and camp, park in Walmart, and sometimes Vons Grocery. In the middle of the night I would get up to go pee and just walk into Vons or Walmart in my sweats, then go back to the truck and sleep. I did that mind you after having a vast amount in my hands to go to nothing. It can happen to anyone. Do not think it cannot happen to you. Sometimes, there isn't family. sometimes, there is no where else to go. Sometimes, you just have to make do. Sometimes, people are not strong and the homeless life gets to them and brings them down and they go further into despair. They have nothing, no one is helping them, it is a struggle and they just can't do it anymore. They become bums sleeping on sidewalks and some fall into drugs to escape their life. Other manage to survive in shelters and churches for awhile and some stay in missions.

By helping these people, by donating your goods, your life, your talents to try and help them you can make a difference. I wish that the world sees this and realizes, one day, one firing of work, one mishap with family could send them to that Homeless World. They are not immune to it. If you think you are, then you are kidding yourself.

I wish the world to give of their time. There are young children in these shelters and missions. Teach them, read to them, be there for them even if you have nothing to give you have yourself. Even to the adults, a friend to talk to means so much and CAN make a difference!

I wish the world to donate their unused goods and items and help those in need. Money is good, but if you just throw money at it, the problem is not going to go away.

Matthew West sings "My own Little World" and talks of not noticing these people. all of a sudden he sees.

I wish for the World to come out of their own "little world" and see and help and do for the Homeless. Please. I ask of you, I wish from you.

I have a project of donations called Warriors 4 the Homeless where you can see some of the donations that ae often needed for the homeless. the shelters and missions usually have food and clothes. For Christmas everyone gives them toys. But these toiletry items and misc items are REALLY hard to come by. Please find your local shelter or need in your world and offer to help by donating items such as these, or by helping with your service.

I wish for the more homeless...until that time...I wish to be of help and I think I am...


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Thank you Trisha :) I also wish the same thing for the world. Thank you for the water bottle, I use it every day. Hope you are well today

  2. :) have inspired me to move further on my project. I am taking big steps on this I can't wait to share with you and others! I am glad I could reach out and help a fellow friend!