Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: How do you wish to sparkle?

I am often told I am a "Shiny, happy, person!" I hope to make a difference in this world by being Shiny and Sparkly! I want to be so happy and shiny and sparkly my energy is contagious! My giggle become your giggles. My enthusiasm for life become your enthusiasm. My passion becomes your passion. I want to hold hands with the world. I want to hug the world. I want to send air kisses out to every person in every land! MUAH! (I am known for my air kisses :))

If there are ways I can be more shiny, more sparkly by learning from a class, a video, a webinar, a challenge or anything that helps me be sparkly...I want to do this because I feel if I can put a smile on person's face by my shinyness and sparkliness...

then I HAVE changed the person at a time.