Monday, March 07, 2011

My Creative Mind

I have been studying this week through a series of video summit webinars about my Right Brain. I always knew I had it. I have always known it was there. I have always utilized and used it to my advantage. My mother was one who always encouraged the use of this by handing me books at a young age like Leaves of Gold and Vein of Gold at such young ages as early as I can remember. Somewhere in my teens we both found "The Artist's Way" and started doing Morning Pages and other creative outlets to our brain to encourage it more and more.Then along my path I found "Your Authentic Self" and started doing Vision Boards and Wish Books to send out into the universe the things I wanted, yearned for and truly desired.

I thought this kind of growing up was normal until I would find myself talking to others about it and they would blink at me like I was crazy and I swear I would hear the sound a cartoon makes when that happens *blink* blink*

But no matter what people would say or how silly they thought I was, I believed in this theory, this methodology of thinking and continued on. I wrote in my journals, I bought myself little gifts and sent myself little notes like this year for Christmas I bought myself a Sephora gift, even had them put the little satchel bag in it and wrote myself a note saying "Trisha, you are amazing and you should never forget it. You deserve to give yourself gifts once in awhile. Giggle"

Every now and then something comes along my path that encourages me more and more. Sometimes it is other writers, sometimes my mother who always sends me notes and messages, but the best of all is when you find what I call "Like Minded People" These are others who beleive like you, think like you and creative and live their life like you. To find this in business, this week, was even MORE amazing to me.

In the Right Brainers Video Summit we have learned about Right Brain Booster and Left Brain Chill Pills, being in touch with yourself through Art, Soul Art and Tranquility. There have been amazing speakers who all share their knowledge and mostly their passion with us about what it is to be a creative and have a creative business plan and method of thinking. After the first day of watching these, I sat still and motionless. Not because of anything bad, but because I felt home. I thought "Someone else gets it! Someone else understands! YES!"

At the beginning of the year I started with Soul Restoration. in June I will be doing Soul Restoration 2.  Through that journey I found out about Balzer Designs and doing Art Journal Pages every day. Then as soons as the feeling of disconnect happens I find this. Truly I feel like I found home.

The Summit Daily Plan

My RB Elevator Speech
These are just a few samples from the RB Video Summit. At the Very bottom is my first start in this direction. My Right Brain Elevator Speech which says "I talk to potential clients about Web and Social Media Strategies and how to upgrade your web and social media presence with a strategy that works for you!"

No Word Documents, no Excel Spreadsheets, just my creative mind allowing it to be free in the form in which I choose to put donw on paper what will I tell people in less than one minute of an elevator about my business. My Elevator Speech in a Right Brain world can be as creative as I would like.

I think this year is shaping up to be a pretty good year so far. I think I set my foot on the right path of getting in tune with my soul and the universe, getting in touch with God again, and getting in touch with me.

Hello world, I am not only back, but better and more amazing than before!

My creative juices are now flowing like a river stream going toward a wonderful fountain of happiness! Check out the RB Summit as we are jsut getting into Week Two and all I can is right now...

I can't wait!

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