Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What's Your Tribe?

In the studying of the Right Brain Video Summit I have heard a few people mention the word "Tribe." This makes me think back to when my mother took WellSpring and they talked about having your Tribe and who you would allow into your Tribe. Not only that but that Like Minded individuals tend to form Tribes amongst each other and gather together creating and conspiring.

As I was listening last week I got to thinking about the Tribe concept more and more. I research in Wiki and here is what I found so far.

The term tribe is used as a slang term for an unofficial community of people who share a common interest, and usually who are loosely affiliated with each other through social media or other internet mechanisms.It said to also look into the following:
Through further study I looked up this and the most intriguing tome was the social network. now those who know me will say that is because I am addicted to Facebook, do Social Media for a living and if I still owned my Balcberry woudl be addicted to it which it why everyone called it my Crackberry! But it is more than that, I promise you.

A social network is a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called "nodes", which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige.

"Common Interest...relationship of beliefs...kinship...friendship" These are the words that really jumped out at me. Brave Girls, Soul Restoration, Right Brainers. Kinship, Beliefs, Common Interest or as I say...Like Minded people. This is what is making up my Tribe. This is what makes up each of our Tribes. I have never been a part of a Tribe. I did not have a commonality with anyone. There were not others like me. I was a rare gem. I accpeted that. I did not conform to the realms of others and I was ok with that. But it was lonely.

Then this year...something happened. I found a Tribe.  Then, I found other Tribes. then I this week found more Tribes. Then I realized, I can make my own Tribe! This is just like my Soul House! It is up to me to determine who I let into my Tribe or not. It is up to me what tribe I join or not. It is up to me what I say and do when in each Tribe.

~ Now here I have to laugh~ I keep meaning to find this spot on Friends about the time when the girls were reading the book -Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe read a female empowerment book, Be Your Own Windkeeper- and I have to laugh, because honestly I do know that after awhile we do get to talking in our own language of moo Dwellers and Soul Houses and Tribes...for a comedy break stop and watch and you will see what I mean. Click on one of the two links...

Be Your Own Windkeeper
Stealing Your Wind

Ok, when you are done laughing...see what I mean? I understand after awhile we tend to speak in our language, but it is because these languages click and resonate with us women and people that are like minded and we get it. So when we are talking about our Soul Houses, Moon Dwellers, tribes and what not, try not to give us that "What rocker did you just fall off of?" look okay? lol

Instead try searching a bit inside yourself and maybe jsut amybe you will connect with what we are saying.

If you already have great! My Tribe and your Tribe should get together, do a Wind Dance with the Cast of Friends, and go have a House Party after we kick all the bad people to the Moon! :)

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