Saturday, March 05, 2011

Blog Hop

Welcome to the Brave Girls Club / Soul Restoration Blog Hop! If you joined in the middle of the hop you came here from Judy I hope you enjoy reading about some of our experiences in Soul Restoration with Melody Ross. I didn't even know who she really was until this amazing journey and now I don't know what I would do without her! SHE IS AN INSPIRATION. Since I can’t quite find the dollars or the time to attend a Brave Girls Camp in Idaho, I was THRILLED when she, her sister, and crew decided to offer it on-line. I was excited even more so to be one of the first participants in this new adventure for them!

I love this class! I love all the great things they give us to work on and the great treats they give us to be able to print things out and cut and paste these to make amazing images for our creations. I love that while the creators have definite religious beliefs they leave it open enough for each person to define their own relationship with God. I love that they give you lots of video to encourage creativity. I did not buy the kit but used my own kit and then little by little each week added to the class. I would find myself scouring my world for things as well because of all the great technique videoes they showed us. I even learned from other Brave Girls unique tips and tricks I had not thought of before like saving and repurposing cereal boxes to use as chipboard!

I’d say the basis of the class is that while we all have struggles in our lives – they do not have to define who we are or where we’re going. I attached a few samples from below to show the great things we did!

Truth Card

Art Journal

Soul Restoration Book
The first one is a truth card and we made many of those and I even got into the bug of creating one every day until the end of class and it inspired me to start a new blog.

The second one is the cover of my art journal where we would get journal prompts to ask ourselves some soul stirring questions and it was up to us to answer them. Art journaling was a great challenge for me, but by the end I really learned to appreciate it and enjoy it. Now I am seeking out other ways to art journal.

The last one is our Soul Restoration Book. In this we had little projects to do each week and it helped us to restore our lives.

This is a wonderful class! I encourage you to be a part of the next one – You can join Melody for the powerful and fun online workshops that are being enjoyed and loved by women all over the world! Soul Restoration on-line classes - Now expanded to TWO sessions: Soul Restoration Part 1 – Finding Your Truth (6 weeks) April 5, 2011 Session: $99 – Register HERE and Soul Restoration Part 2 – Living Your Truth (6 weeks) For graduates of Soul Restoration 1 only June 7, 2011 Session: $99 – Register HERE
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