Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy Truth Card Day

I had all these Truths I had cut out and I keep changing on where I want them. First in the bag, then I had them posted on my wall and door and then I decided to put them in a book and the rest on Truth Cards. So I went to town and got busy on my Truth Cards yesterday. Here are the images and what they say. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

So this is my Large Truth Teller Board I decided to take the full sheet Melody gave us and paste it onto a board. It is the Truth Teller Attributes. It makes me think not only of my TT, but of how I should believe in myself and also these are the attributes I would like in my partner. Melody reminds us that people cannot never amount to ALL of these, but it sure would be nice if the person in my life was pretty close.

"Everything is going to work out sweet girl." and "Let yourself be treated, have some treats and enjoy every second of it!"

"Are you ready for this? Be Brave! You can do whatever you set your mind to!" and "You have Courage to do this...dig deep! It will be worth it!"

"Sometimes we must shut our eyes in order to see"

"The Truth is the Truth is the Truth"

"You future starts right now. Pack Light, leave everything unnecessary behind."

"Create the life that your heart yearns for!"

I call this one my Dream card:

"It's absolutely, positively ok to dream the impossible dreams - it's the only way to get to where your heart really wants to go." and "Be kind to your dreams" and "It's time to share your secret dream, dear girl, you will be 100% supported and miracles will happen!"

How many times do I hear I am dreaming or that I am living in la la land. Well, if there weren't dreamers, we wouldn't need builders to build them right? This was a good affirmation for me that it is ok for me to have those impossible dreams about life and especially about Love. Ok, so I want a Fairytale. ok so I want Love in a Movie. It's ok, this says so. I am allowed to have those impossible dreams. I know what my heart wants. Anything less is settling. You want to be in my Dream World, you have to allow yourself to dream like I do, live like you are in the dream and beleive the dream. You have to beleive that you can jump skyscrapers in a single bound. You have to beleive that you are powerful and yoru words mean something.You have to beleive in these dreams. You have to beleive in yourself. You have to believe you have Self Worth. you have to beleive you are Worth it. you have to beleive you Deserve happiness too! You have to believe in a future that is moving forward not staying still. You have to beleive in your Talents. You have to beleive in you.

You can't keep hanging onto the outside world, your past and things that are holding you back. It's time to let go. What you chose to Let Go of is up to you....

"Believe in miracles." and "I beleive in you and so does everyone who truly knows you."

Some people want Joy in their life, others want Compromise, me I just want someone to Believe in Me again. I believe in me but this card is helpful to me because I feel like with the things that have happened in my life with men, the men in my life don't believe in me anymore. My friends don't beleive in me. Everyone thinks I will run here or there or run off.

let's start here, Believe in me that I am doing this for me. That I am doing the best I can. that I am here now no matter what that means. Believe that no matter what the outcome of my life, i am doing it for me because in the end it doesn't matter if you do or don't beleive in me. It would be nice, but I can not be responsible for what all of you think anymore. I didn't have to before, but I didn't know that. one of those things I just didn't know and no one told me was ok. I don't NEED anyone to Believe in me. It would be nice. I sure would like it. I would like to be trusted. I would like someone to have a little faith in me. But, in the end, what really matters and I am gaining the strength to figure out...is I don't need you to Believe in me...


I am starting to again. Little by little. I would not say I am fully there yet, but I am getting there. As Melody says and I keep repeating..."my wings are stating to unfold...can you feel it? Yes Melody, yes I can feel it...

"Playing is as important as eating, sleeping, breathing - you must make time to play"

This one spoke to me as well, because of my issues with eating and also the fact that I rarely sleep. Through most of this I have been up til 4 am working on things or writing in my journal. I have really delved in and this was a good reminder for me to PLAY

"Pain is often a gift...look for the gifts wrapped inside it."

This one were some truths I just had to GET DOWN SOMEWHERE!! So there are a few on here but I thought I would make it pretty.

"No one will ever completely understand your pain, my sweet friend, but you can heal your pain by trying to understand and comfort the pain of others...it is such a miracle."

"In all the world, there's not a girl exactly like you - there never has been and there never will be."

"You will do tremendous things - things that no one else could ever do - because there is no one in the world exactly like you.

"You make an enormous difference, the world would not be as luminous and beautiful without you here."

"You make the world a better place"

"You have a profound effect on others, gorgeous girl, don't ever forget it."

"You are so much more beautiful than you think you are...you are perfect inside and out."

Truth Teller Attributes:

My Truth Teller loves me without strings attached
My Truth Teller is someone I trust and beleive
My Truth Teller has my very best interest at heart
My Truth Teller would never hurt me in any way
My Truth Teller will always lead me to right places
My Truth Teller helps my heart feel at peace
My Truth Teller knows my strengths
My Truth Teller knows my weaknesses
My Truth Teller knows my talents
My Truth Teller my biggest hurts
My Truth Teller what my feelings are deep in my heart
My Truth Teller knows my regrets
My Truth Teller knows my desires
My Truth Teller knows my fears
My Truth Teller knows what I lived have through
My Truth Teller knows what I want most out of life
My Truth Teller knows about my mistakes and loves me regardless
My Truth Teller is willing to tell me when i am astray
My Truth Teller is gentle and kind when redirecting my course
My Truth Teller lets me make my own choices, but wants me to make the best choices
My Truth Teller will not interfere in my life, is always there to help when asked
My Truth Teller knows what is best for me
My Truth Teller has infinite wisdom that I don't quite have yet
My Truth Teller wants to help
My Truth Teller will always tell me the truth

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  1. Anonymous5:39 AM

    These are beautiful. What a lovely project. I have signed up at Brave Girls Club to receive the Daily Truths now too, thanks to your inspiration!