Thursday, January 20, 2011

~~♥ What if my purpose was to help you see the joy in life?♥ ~~

I wrote this on my Facebook. I got the idea from a truth. The Truth was actually

What if your purpose was to Enjoy life? So I changed it up a bit to

~~♥ What if my purpose was to help you see the joy in life?♥ ~~

...but it made me think about and then after pondering it I thought about why I am here on this earth. I thought about the wonderful gifts that God has granted me. I have a beautiful voice and can sing alto, second soprano and first soprano. I have two legs and the ability to dance an amazing Ballet if I wanted to since I took Pointe Ballet or a fun modern dance if I want to. I can turn and twist and model myself just so from years of Modeling. I was an Ugly Duckling that turned into a Swan. All I have learned how to use it through training my mother allowed me to have through her sacrifices and all I was also given I believe through a gracious gift from God. I beleive God gave it to me, and I learned the knowledge how to best use it.

As I said this training came with great sacrifice. if my father had not dies would I have had this life? Once that happened my mother sacrificed so I could have these things for me. Perhaps she wondered why she had to go through those experiences unknowing she was helping create a "Me".

Oh, how lucky I am to have these things that have happened in my life that have molded and shaped me and made me who I am today. They gave me Empathy to understand the one who also does not have their children, the one who has also been abused, the one who has also suffered, the one who has also been broken. It built my Strength and made me stronger to be able to endure the things that come into my life no matter what they may be.It gave me Courage to be able speak out when needed against those who oppress me and it made me Fearless to be able to rush into the Ring even knowing I only have a tiny rock in a bag but I have God on my side and whether it be a Giant in there or a Lion in the Den, I will be ok!

Why? Because when I come out I am SHINING! I am VICTORIOUS! My sword is held high to the air! I am skipping to the tune of my own music. I am smiling from ear to ear because I made it through! I did it before and I will do it again! You will too! This brings me Joy and this...this gift of JOY..God gave me this to give to you! I truly beleive it, I DO! He said to me in heaven before the veil was closed to me, and I think it might have gone like this,

"Patricia, I need you take Joy to my people. I need you to help them see that through their trials and hurt and pain they will be ok and can still have Joy. I am giving you the Gift of Joy to take to them and am granting you AMAZING JOY, but with this Gift you will also have heartache, loneliness, pain, continual trials, suffering, lose your children, have hard marriages, abuse, offense, lose your jobs often, suffer financially, lose your business, have to start over, go through a couple of marriages, often feel out of place not connecting with others because you will move often, and pain at times it will seem so unbearable...but if you endure I will give you the most Amazing Happiness you have ever known and you will always be able to find Joy so that you can share it with others. Will you accept this Gift?"

Of course, I said yes. ♥

Sometimes we don't see it. It is especially hard to see it when we are in it. When at the base of the hurricane it is hard to see outside of it. but there is JOY out there. I would be more than honored to help you find it. If my smile, my dancing silly, my modeling, my singing, my speaking French, my you Tube videos, if my words, if my presence in this world in any way brings you Joy, if my trials and the things I have gone through can help you through...I would answer YES to that question...



God put me here on earth for a reason....

~~♥ What if my purpose was to help you see the joy in life?♥ ~~

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    Love this Trisha! Thanks for sharing!