Sunday, January 23, 2011


Every week we get these lists of truths that we are to use, cut out and make cards or use in our projects. I like to cut them all out and pull out the ones that speak to me and use those first. But what about the ones that don't jump out at me? Well, at first I was putting them in my little Brighton bag and then from time to time I would pull them out. But then I was seeing they still didn't speak to me and then the ones I needed to see, I was not seeing. I looked through my unused books and found this blank journal from a Matthew West concert I went to recently. I haven't done the front yet, but I will so I took a picture of what it looks like now. then what I did is I am going to collage the pages together on the inside and I have started putting the unused truths down on the blank pages. Then as I see them I can write a little note on them if I want or I can cut them out if I really want them for another project. These will be great reinforcements for me later on.

I also decided to go around downtown Omaha this weekend and take a look around just to get out of the house and I found some kewl Bumper stickers that were on sale that jumped out to me that I can also use for reinforcements. I thought I would snap a couple shots of them as well. Once I got home I promptly stuck them on my wall and closet door where my other Truths are that I plan on using and NEED to see!

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