Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stronger and Softer Souls

One of the girls posted that in her wishes to us today she hoped that we come out "Stronger and Softer" in the end. Someone else commented that there is great strength in being gentle. For me this has not always been easy. To come out of this being "Stronger and Softer" would be GREAT! How many people have said to me I need to have a thicker skin, but then when I do it it too tough, too rugged and they can't get in, they can't break through?

But then if I am too soft, people just walk all over me and use me and hurt my soul. I have often been confused how to balance this and think this might actually be a healing that will show me how to balance the two. I know many who would be happy with that outcome.

Hmm, an a Motto for this year perhaps.."Stronger and Softer"