Friday, January 21, 2011

Timeline pictures

Remember I am working on the Time are the pictures. I decided to post them, but the meanings of the pictures and colors are for me and my understanding. I feel it would be too personal to share. If you really want to know ask me privately and I might share, but not on an open blog. I will only say one thing about them, the black strips are when hard things or very negative impacted or happened to me in my view. The buttons are the happy, good momentous things.

Again, I did realize by looking at this things did not consume me as I thought they did. There were times in my life I thought lasted forever and they did not. There were times I thought were horrible, but when choosing to put a black strip down or not, I decided it perhaps did not warrant that, or I would say, it wasn't THAT bad.

Side one goes until 40 years, the other goes until 80 years. Another realization is I am a year away from being on the "flipside" as some of the BG calls it. Which is and isn't scary at the same time.

The Purple Ribbon was given to me by my current roomie S. I thought of my friend M when I saw it and M said use it for something great and I decided to use it here to symbolize closure as well as to me this is a remembrance for all the friends in my time Line of life who helped me wrap up my life. :)

Also, as I was taking my pictures I took a few in various spots in my room and I ended this blog with my Time Line being on my Pink Fuzzy Bwankie, call it, that was given to me this year as a gift. It is the most special to me for many reasons. Mostly right now because when I think to"Go where the peace is" this pink fuzzy bwankie comforts me and allows me that and so I could not have thought of a better place to close this post then my Time Line on my Comfort Blankie...Putting my Time line...where the peace is :)


  1. Love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Trisha Trixie! Just a fellow BG popping over to say "Hi." Great job on your Time Line. LOVE the purple ribbon. I just turned 40 & almost to the "flipside." I feel the same way. :)Happy Restoring! xo Jen