Friday, January 14, 2011

Music for the Soul

On the Brave Girls Soul Restoration Forum I posted a Topic and made a You Tube play list for the Girls with a few of my favorite and asked a few of them if they wanted to send me any of theirs they were welcome to post some and I would add them.

In the past few days, many women have really reached out on this and it has been quite nice to see how much Music touches other people souls. Music has always been a part of my life. I think I was born singing.I am one of those that hears, the beat in the back, the beat in the front and the lyrics in between. The lyrics ALWAYS jump out to me. I send songs to others and they have no clue why I am sending it to them or they tell me when they hear a song they don't hear the lyrics so they don't get the meaning or it doesn't mean the same to them as it does to me. That make me sad. They are missing out. Not just out on connecting with that song, but on connecting with me. They have do not know me if they do not know that music is my life, learning to appreciate this aspect and how to bond with me means a closer connection.

I used to sit on swings and sing. When I could sing in church, I did. I took vocal training for over 10 years. I thought music was going to be my life. It is such a great part of my soul. It has the ability to reach in, deep down inside and make me feel. make me feel those moments of pain or hurt or regret. make me feel those moment of sheer joy or happiness. And make me feel those moments of strength and power like I can conquer the world and you darn well get outta my way, buddy!

I am so very glad I am able to do this Soul Restoration. In one week so much inside has happened. Art, writing and of has helped with that. I am grateful and thankful i am allowing myself to be me again. And that other Brave Girls are telling me to. Because of that, I made the First Play List and it has been so great to see more requests and people say they are glad, GLAD that I am doing it because they don't know how or just that they like my music or that they are happy I did it, how thoughtful of me.

This has been a great week and I look forward to 5 more wonderful weeks. I don't know what my life will be like when I am done, I don't know how I will be, but I do know I will be more amazing than I was before and my Soul House will be restored and I will the tools necessary for the future when I need it.

I am sharing below a few that spoke to me and then the playlist itself. As time progresses the playlist changes, so you might want to save it or bookmark it and see it grow and change with us. :)

There are a couple that really popped out to me

Beautiful Bird by Cindy Morgan

Shine by Rosi Golan

Outcast by Kerrie Roberts

The Lost Get Found- Britt Nicole

(the reason why this one is so important is because this completely emulates our Truth Teller. Our Truth Teller loves us for us.) For the Lyrics you can go to

I also made the ladies a little video from an old video I found. But I have made them a couple of other ones too, actually.

For the Play List and the Videos I made click the link and it will take you to my You Tube Account.

My Account

The Soul Restoration Playlist ONLY

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