Thursday, January 20, 2011


I learned about this week by going to some of my friends blogs. I love it so I made me own. I hope you enjoy the one I added to the site. I also heard about by my friend. I guess it is another one. Music during this process has really helped soothe my soul. It has brought me down as well though.

We in our misery play those sad songs that make us cry about our past. Past relationships, past hurts, past issues or the troubles that are currently going on and the pain associated with it or where we think it might be headed and the pain it even MIGHT inflict.

Music can be healing but it also can be hurting.

So for the ones reading this those going through SR with me and those not, let me share something with you that perhaps you will continually hear that has kept me at balance. Melody has shared with and keeps saying "Go where the peace is". So please remember that is you are listening to those songs only to bring yourself back to the pain, it is NOT where the peace is. If you are listening to those songs just to inflict hurt on yourself because you think THAT is what you deserve you are wrong, you deserve happiness and that again is NOT where the peace is.

So to reiterate again what Melody said "Go where the Peace is"..That is what I hoped to do with my new play list I put on the site. Put my mind at peace with the music and bring Peace to you who are here listening.

If you don't like music that plays while you are reading just hit the stop button.

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