Friday, January 28, 2011

Embrace our Weakness Project

We were tasked this week to Embrace our Weakness.

This is a Truth Card I made

It says "I am Broken & I am Whole" off to one side is My Broken Self and the other side is My Whole Self. Then underneath it says "My Whole Self Needs My Truth Teller"

This is my Truth book project for this week.

This page says all of these below

I will not hide myself. I will not shame myself. Nothing can change this love. We need each other. Even when we mess up, we will start over. today is a brand new day together. We will learn from each other. I am Learning. I will love you the best ways I know how. I will do my best to always protect you. We will make it through this. This is our beautiful life together. We are so much more than our weaknesses.

This page says :

All of me is Necessary

My Weak Self Needs My Love

No Shame No Blame

We Must Stay Together

and then there is an icon for My Weak Self and an icon for My Strong Self. I chose this picture because it has the one girl with her hand on the other girls leg comforting her. Isn't that what it is like when someone else is stronger than the other? they are there to comfort us?

Then I posted one of our truths this week "Your best is your perfect." It really spoke to me because I know I am a perfectionist. I expect the very best of myself and even better than that. I expect a lot of other people as well. Often we compare ourselves to others and we should not do this. I think, why can't I be that or why can't I have that? I expect too much of me and think I should be better than I am. I think I need to be more perfect than I could possibly be, because I do not have the skills or the resources to be those things. Seeing that my Best is my Perfect touched my heart so very much. Just be me. Others may not agree, but be me. My Best is perfect. Perfectly me.

the other little truth you may or may not see is in right hand in the corner of the picture. It says "You Matter." Last night, when I held it I literally held onto so long I almost thought I wore the type off of it. I just held onto it and cried and cried. I don't know how long I held it and cried but it was awhile. I grasped it in my fingertips as tightly as I could as if it was going to fly away and as if it did fly away i would lose it and something would happen. I Matter. Hmmm...

You know where that sent me? To what Melody was saying about sometimes it really is easier to believe the lies. The weak side of me believes that I don't matter. That I am no one. The Weak Self of me starves herself and is insecure and thinks no one wants her or wants to be her friend. The weak self thinks she does not matter to anyone. Those are lies. All horrible lies.

The Strong Self knows I do matter. the strong self says, this world would miss me if I was gone. The strong self says if I was never born this world would be a very different place. The strong self says I am here for you when you are weak Trisha and even for once believe that horrible lie.

You deserve to be put first. Because you do matter. And this project reminded me that I do matter, I am weak and I am strong and together we need each other. WE shall not chastise each other. We will embrace each other and welcome the other. Weak and Strong.

I have been put down for my insecurities for too long. I accept them now. I embrace them. I am weak. It happens.

I embrace you Weak Self. Will you take my hand and walk with me together?

Yes, Strong Self....I would be happy to...



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  2. love your music selection

  3. So I have an Anonymous from time to time and I know this could be a few persons here or there, but as always the "unknowing" makes me wonder.. :)

    I know who one of them is because she is very dear to me, the other ones here or there make me wonder. It is always a simple statement here or there.

    like the one today. "Beautiful" from Anon. It makes me smile. thank you Anon. All of my Anon's whoever you are.

    And Thank you for others who leave me comments. I truly am touched that you even take the time :)