Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is time for Restoration-No More Crack Houses

The First one is My Closed for Restoration Mini Book
then The Cover for My Journal
Then the mess I started when I started on the floor but eventually I did manage to make it to a table.

These are the projects I did yesterday at least. Then once everything dried we were asked to do one other project on the inside and a few journal writing prompts. I was up until 4 am writing in my journal. I am learning a lot about my Soul house and how sacred it is. Some people's Soul is like a Crack House. I am not so sure mine is that bad, but I would say it is a bit messed up.

No one is currently allowed in my Soul House. Little by little I will allow them back in. Some people belong on the moon. Some belong on the sidewalk. some I may allow to the front porch. Some I will allow inside, into the warm hearth of my home. They will be the lucky ones.

I have had enough of people breaking my windows and tearing down my walls. I have had enough of others rearranging my furniture. This is my house. What was once pretty and pink and full of life and fun is chipped and broken.

It is time for Restoration. It is time for me.


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    This reads like it will be a well deserved vacation from your outside life, to your inside life. May the Journey be as rewarding as the sights and sounds and feeling along the way.

  2. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Once when I went off to take "LifeSpring", a lady ask me,"Why"? I replied, "to find myself." She smiled as she turn to walk away, under her breathe, she wispered, " Be sure to look for the 40 year old you, and not the 20 year old you". Must be why I often wonder which one of me, I found(?)(smiling)