Friday, January 13, 2012

The Carrot, The Hook and the Oat-Part Three

We come to the third part of our story with Monica and Richard in Friends Season Two (218)

They are discussing the number of people they have "been with" if ya know what I mean...(and I think you do)

MONICA: Ok about that two.
RICHARD: What? Alright, what about my two?
MONICA: Well, it just seems like a really small number.
RICHARD: Right, and...

MONICA: And, well, don't you have a lot of wild oats to sew? Or is that what you're doing with me?  

Oh my God, am I an oat?

RICHARD: Honey, you are not an oat. I, I mean I don't know, I, I guess I'm just not an oat guy. I've only slept with women I've been in love with.

MONICA: But you've only slept with two people.
MONICA: Wow. Oh wow. You know I love you too, right.
RICHARD: Now I do. 

I come away from this wondering "Am I an Oat?" Was I the Rebound Girl?  He has said in the past NO, though he was not willing to make a commitment to me no mater what. When I cam back the last time right before that he said he did not propose because of the way I spoke about his family. Ok SO I went out of my way to get to know his sister, hi mother, and even recently befriend his father who no one likes...even dates tell the dating service he is a part of that they don't like him and yet, I  offered him food, I did things around the house for him, I helped him with the computer and I even made him cupcakes for his birthday (of which he thought those were great but I later found out he decides that day is when he tells J I should pay rent) 

I can't help but think that more and more. Sadly the only way for me NOT to feel like I am the Rebound Oat Girl is for him to be with me and he CLEARLY made it VERY CLEAR that was NOT going to happen EVER. 

Oh my God, am I an oat?

The answer clearly is YES. 

The other part of this equation is something else I heard on My Boys (another TV Show I watch on Netflix and used to watch on TBS). The one girl was telling her friend how it was her own fault. She built up his ego and told him how good he looked and how great he was that his head got too big so he dumped her.

Huh, well, now don't THAT sound familiar? 

The answer clearly is YES. 

With J I was his two. I thought he loved me. I assume he did. I would like to believe he did. 

So perhaps, even all the love in the world can't come between you and being an OAT. Well, I am not going to be anyone's Oats for a very long time. 

As soon as I can, I am outta here. I am getting back to being on my own if I have to live in my car to do it. I am going to not date for 6 months and who knows...I might like it so much, I might just stay there.

I was telling a friend tonigt that all I wanted was to be Single again. 

He said "Single or Alone?" 

I said, "What the diff?"

He said " Single is I got out, I am looking for a mate, I am prowling, I am on the hunt. Alone is I am not dating. I just want to do my own thing. I want to be alone."

So I said, "Alone it is then!"

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  1. The alone for six months sounds like a good idea. You don't want to be anybody's oat. ;) Take some time to heal and get on your emotional feet again...solid ground. :)

    Can I ask, where are you that you need to get out of there?