Monday, January 16, 2012


If you don't know it, I have been writing on this blog since 2005. Some, more times than others and in teh past two year, pretty frequently.

I have no one in my life.

I bounce around here and there like a Gypsy. I don't have those ties other people normally do. I have no one to talk to...but the internet.

I will say my expressions are not always peachy keen with smiles and roses.

There are times I am very happy and can't wait to share it with the world.

There are times I just want to share my thoughts

Other-times I need to vent, release or express my emotions.

I get frustrated when others try to "censor" me.

This is "MY" blog. I wrote before I knew many of you. I will continue to write. This is how I release.

I do not or AM not saying slanderous things or things that could be a defamation of character. I am JUST expressing how I FEEL.

I have a right to that.

I am sorry if my words hurt you. But I am hurting too. I am sorry if yo don't like what I say, but it is MY expressions NOT yours. Perhaps you would not blog or share so openly your emotions, but this is how I heal. This is how I survive. This is what makes me stronger. This is how I can




and again, my words are not meant to hurt you. They are meant to HEAL me.

If you care, If you really care, and you really are hurting to too. Then part of accepting me has always been THIS blog. THIS is my solace. THIS is my safe haven. THIS is where I connect with the world of women, and friends who see me, see my life, my happiness, my love and yes even my pain.

I can't keep protecting YOU to not allow myself to heal.

I am sorry, but I do not feel anything I said yesterday or ever has been demeaning.

I think those who read it would whole heartedly agree tha tI am JUST expressing myself and I NEVER deface anyone! I don't even use names!!! Just initials if anything at all!

I am hurting and I need to heal.


  1. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Everyone sees things from their own perspective and has a right to express their own truth. :)