Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Chicken Strips

I lost it over Chicken Strips.

I buy the Target kind of Chicken Strips, the same kind he buys. I eat them with honey. The same way he does.
I just bought the bag not that long ago a week or two tops maybe. So I hadn't had enough to get to the bottom of the bag yet. Until today...

There I was staring at the bag and there were only two left and some pieces. The pieces are huge right now and I was thinking how he said he doesn't like the NEW way they are so large cause they are gone so fast. It started then, but it got worse.

I placed the strips on the pan and turned on the oven to preheat them. Then I went to throw the remaining part of the bag away and I broke down in tears. Dumb, foolish, silly girl tears. Why do I say that?  Well, ya wanna know what I cried over???? ( I feel so dumb)

I cried because "Who is going to eat the little crumb pieces now???" I used to heat them up  and give him a  spoon and give them to him because he liked it. It was a thing. You know one of those things, those little things that one never thinks about until you think about it.

OF course then this spawns me into a tirade of  I have stuff to make tacos and he LOVES my tacos and now I have no one to make tacos for anymore. Just me. Tacos for one please. How sad and pathetic. :(

Then I do throw the trash away and stop crying long enough to do so and when I walk to the trash my dumbass roommate has the trash so high I can barely take it out and it smells and then I start crying again..."He hates the way trash smells" Ok I know you are thinking, um doesn't everybody, but he is very sensitive to smells. Just as I am. A small scent in the trash can can make him clean the wholehouse. Now I am the same way.

In an effort to NOT be sad lately I have tried do what my Life Coach says and NOT listen to sappy music and NOT watch sad shows. So I have been listening to my Soul Strength Playlist  as well as going through and watching old FRIENDS videos. I was WAtching How I Met Your Mother, but everyone keeps breaking up with each other so I can only watch so much of that before I burst into tears.

Friends today was no better and sent me back to TrishaCryingLand... I was watching the second Season Ep 1 and Ross is telling Rachel how awesome she is and how she deserves someone who gets her and thinks how lucky he is to wake up to her...GO TO 4:21 on the YT to find it. (Sorry I tried to tape it and this has Hebrew lettingering but it is the best I could do to share with you)

and in looking for that clip I found the clip below which sent me into more tears...
The Ross and Rachel Story...They got a point where they were done being stupid...will it EVER happen for me?

So, I guess this is all bittersweet right now. Trying to laugh to keep from crying but occasionally I guess I am just going cry and you know...to go along with my Theme of BE OK...I guess it is just going to have to BE OK for me to be a basket case laughing and crying right now.

Love and Light Always,