Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Carrot, The Hook or the Oat-Part Two

I was watching How I Met Your Mother and the episode was talking about The Hook. 

How many times we keep someone around until that next better one comes along. There is often someone that we wait and wait for until they choose us, but they never do. It is that person being kept on the back burner by a member of the opposite sex as an insurance policy if nothing else works out.

We end up on The Hook.

The fateful words
There's never going to be a chance for us...Right Now...

Ted was hanging on this one girl, Tiffany's every word and would do anything she wanted. He was completely on this girl's hook with just the possibility of being with her. He dropped everything for her. He would do anything for her.

But Ted has someone on his hook. Henrietta did anything Ted wanted. She would cook for him. Clean for him. Hang out with him. She would do anything he asked at anytime. She was in constant waiting for him. Henrietta was on Ted's Hook.

Lilly had Scooter her high school sweetheart, who showed up at their wedding, took a job to be near her and fell apart everytime she even mentioned letting him go, so even though she was married she kept him on the hook because it was too hard to let him down.

Robin had Mike on her hook. He gave her foot rubs. He did her laundry. Ted calls her Captain Hook.

Ted thinks everything’s changed when Tiffany invites him to an out-of-town wedding, but no! It hasn’t. Her ex-boyfriend is there, they get back together, Ted storms out sadly … but not before screwing up the courage to explicitly take himself off Tiffany’s hook. Success! Then he goes back to Henrietta, accidentally proposes, then painfully takes her off his hook. You’re doing the right thing, Ted. Lily also takes Scooter off her hook

This episode reveals the truth that we've all been in relationships where we were either being led around by someone else with no intention of hooking up or we were doing the leading.

Coming Soon... Part Three-The Oat..

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  1. Never thought about that much, to be honest. I'm painfully honest so if anyone was on the hook he put himself there by himself. If I was on the hook I took myself off pretty quickly. What I noticed with men was when I released myself--then that was when they wanted me back. I fell for that a few times when I was young. But actions speak louder than words. And also, if they say things you don't like to attention. He probably really means it. LOL!

    Life's too short to live on a hook. :)