Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Day in the Life of TrishaTrixie

A Day in the Life of Trisha:


Yesterday the 4th

I have been dealing with pretty sever migraines lately for many reason. One of which my neurologist and I determined was my glasses. I was wearing these Green frames before I met someone at The Big O Show from UNMC and took the discount for new glasses. I had a pair of frames before I tried to use but always go headaches. We though then it was because they were reader lenses. But now come to find out (and here is what is the most odd) it is the frame themselves. The frames ( which I call the Purple Frames) are flat front and allow me to see peripherally. Because I easily get Sensory Overload being able to do this is NOT good for me. I also had these pair of Blue frames which are like the Green ones in that they are light and frame my face more. The guy from UNMC was real helpful when we spoke and said if I send both frames in he will remove the lenses from the Purple frames and put new lenses in the Green Frames no charge. All I have to pay is shipping there. So now I went to the Post Office yesterday and sent them off. So now I am wearing the Blue Frames shown here until my new ones come back. I hope they come back sooner than he said (two weeks) cuz they are my favorites. In some of my other blogs and art blogs I am usually wearing my Green Frames.

 I was talking to a friend today how frames are in again and though I had laser eye surgery 12 years ago how I still need glasses a bit but not bad. I am noticing my eyesight worsen a little more here and there but at least they are not coke bottles.
Sorry for pouty face. I tried to smile but it was so strained. Since my recent relationship fumble I have not been that elated. More melacholohy and blue as I have mentioned. Some days are better than others and I am able to function, maybe laugh a little but as someone said true to form "I am a roller coaster of emotions"

Which is why the Radiant Goddess course has been helpful for me in many ways along with the Goddess Circle and being able to post, talk and connect on a regular basis with other women. I tried this last year with Brave Girls but ended up sticking my foot in my mouth and lost people in my life. I won't say friends because if they were they would still be.

One of the things in the Radiant Goddess is to eat more healthy (they prefer raw but healthy is a good place to start) so I got some groceries to do just that. Strawberries, Kiwi & Bananas to make smoothies, Cabbage to eat raw and cooked, Cucumbers for Cucumber Water you'll see later, Celery for raw or with Peanut Butter, White and Orange Carrots to mix with other foods and to make veggie shakes with Mater Juice :)

I also went to the store to buy a few things from Walmart. I went to get a small Space Heater of which was mismarked on the shelf and SHOULD have been $49 but i got it for $16

 I got it to put in the basement to make a min studio so I could get away once in awhile. My Spray stuff can be sprayed down there where it won't smell as well I can paint down there and I am really wanting to get into more painting.

 As you see my easel is rigt near the patio door so like today I can be down there with the doors open.

I also bought this kewl little camera tri pod for my hand held camera (isn't it funny that we call it that. Aren't ALL cameras hand held. WE don't use our feet) But I digress...

 It's so kewl cuz it's all bendy and stuff. The little screw on the top goes on my small camera and then I can position the pod whichever way I want. I am a self portrait pic kind of girl so this makes it much easier.

It was only $10 not bad eh? I thought so.

 I bought some Nice and Clean electronic wipes for $10 and promptly wiped my phone, camera, computer screen etc down with them. They are individually packed so I can even take some in my laptop bag when I go.
 In Omaha I had two desks, a night stand and two filing cabinets. Here I have nothing but tables. I was getting irritated that my art was everywhere so I saw this for $10 and got it too. (I think I was on a $10 roll or at the $10 store...hmmm)
 annnnnnnnnnnd if you didn't hear my 3rd portable hard drive crashed...AGAIN. What I did find out is that is got to max capacatity and they can't handle that. I was told to leave room this time for it to function. Though this says ! TB (Terabyte) NOT to fill it up that far or it could crash. My first one was a big one, my last two were small ones. Either way kaboom and crash. This time I barely got the stuff off my old one in time. I loaded everything to the file server we have here in the house and now I am reloading everything FROM there to HERE. IT's a pain, but though the file server is great, I can't take it with me.

 Once I got done in the Studio. Oh yeah I am calling the room my STUDIO now. (Fancy I know) It is a Goddess Circle thing as well as the Sacred Spaces. The top one is when I named the room a year ago. The bottom one is what it is now I guess. It pretty much is my little studio. I have in there my bed, my bathroom, a mini fridge, a toaster over, my art table and my office table, a printer, a vanity and a bookshelf.

Doesn't that sound like a Studio to you? (yeah me too)

When I got done in there I made some dinner of homemade Broccoli Cheese soup and some of my Cucke Water.
 Then before bed I drank my Egyptian Licorice tea. A friend of mine send me some for Christmas and these are all the MAIN teas I drink.The three to the left being the most prominent.

This is our crazy ass tea cupboard with many many teas but the bottom shelf is pretty much mine. Tea SMith and Yogi Teas.


I woke doing visualizations but not the kind I should have. Instead of visualizations of nature or trees or a meadow I was visualizing what life would have been like with him in our was such a  great vision of us happy, hanging out with friends, the kitchen room being a fun room with a big L leather couch and all our friends hanging out like a Superbowl party with the kitchen and fun room connected. Him happily cuddling me and us all TRULY happy. JUST friends and US. No creaky chaired old men (his dad lives there right now) keeping us from living our life. Ah, the dream though is NOT the reality so I smacked myself out of it and jumped up, turned on Itunes and listened to French training while I got up.

My current theme is from White Hot Truth

Show Up
Let Go

Well, right now Showing Up every day is a chore so I feel like if I can get up, get dressed, put on makeup and move like Goddess Leonie says and I follow her plan and say my affirmations, eventually I will be ok. I mean deep down I know I will, just now it suck big rocks and btw Big Girls DO cry Fergie so bite me.

Goddess Leonie challenged us for the Radiant Goddess Course to go for a Nature Walk and connect with Mother Nature, Mother Earth. Leonie lives in Australia so sometimes she can do things we can't. But luckily today was 62 ish degrees so I could oblige...

Boooties said "Can we Mew outside too?"
 So I said MEW-TAY (which is otay but the kitty version)

Dude got jealous and said "Meowmy I gets to go, I gets to go, MEowmy pweeease?"
 I needed out of the house so I said, SURE!

Booties found a bird feeder that fell

Dude was like "What is THIS freedom all about?"

Then they both said "Quit Mewing Around, let's go!"

I found a doorknob...a blue one in fact

It was at the base of the tree so I think it was a Fairy House. If you look you can see the lock to the left and the hinge to the right. I knocked but no one answered. The fairies must all have been out today.

Dude found a perch and told me to look where he was pointing
 I asked if he was a pointer dog and he said "Silly mommy I am a cat, batted at me, mewed and walked away"
He was pointing to these cute little Fairy Homes. These are for Single Fairies I think. The other one was for a Family or Coven of Fairies.
 We came back from out little backyard walk and I cleared off the leaves off the patio which hurt my back but I wasn't ready to go in yet. Dude helped by sniffing out any areas I missed. Then I sat outside on the chair for a bit til I started getting a chill.

Then I made some homemade Pumpkin Bread
 I know I probably shouldn't have but as a sweet tother I can't go straight to RAW everything. At least it is wholesome and we still need grains, right?

Then I worked on my Radiant Vision Book. We are supposed to do Vision Boards, but I end up with all these boards and no where to put them. The books I keep and look through. These are just a few images to share what I was doing but I will be posting many more of the projects on my Art Blog.

This one is Living a Radiant Life and What does Being Radiant Look Like

 Live Randiantly

Katherine Heigel is Radiant here. I aspire to be like that. It also says Put on your happy life and upper left says Natural Glow. The person near the Calm drink is jumping into life (ok its a pool but let's imagine Life shall we?)
Radiant foods and meals

Smoothies, Sushi, Liquid Vitiies

Being SUPER Radiant looks like this to me

My Front Cover with my tags...OhI just realized it's sideways...oh well so am I

I found my Goal Intention Kit worksheet of how I want to feel and filled it out. Of Course RADIANT was on there as many other POSITIVE things I want to feel (emphasis POSITIVE because I AM feeling the opposite but I WANT to feel these things)

I worked on my SOAR Journal a bit
 I worked on MY NEW CED Cards for the NEW theme. I am trying to create a card daily and then I am going to put them together at the end of the month. I need to ask Pippa how she does hers because it is pretty kewl. (Pippa if you are reading please comment how you do that)
Sunshine is New because it comes out fresh every day

Snow is new because when it first falls it is fresh and new
Working on my smile

There it kinda is...
Goodbye from Trisha Trixie. Thanks to all my loyal followers.


I am going to be working on drawing Dragons for Tam's Willowing Challenge. That one may take a few days. I will be posting it on my Art Blog when complete.

Then I have two new web clients but only one is active as there was some issues with the one in Omaha and so I have been paid but am now on hold until they can get their Database fixed and then I help them with WordPress items. The other one if for . I did a Web Refresh already for him and now he and I are working on some E Books and E courses together to Partner with each other. He said he will split 50% so it sounds good. You can check it out now but keep checking back or check back again when I tell you the E book are up.

I also have signed on with some affiliate pages (which is why the push on the Goddess Stuff yesterday (sorry bout that. Just trying to make dough) and I am working on two E-Courses that Trisha Trixie and Company will be launching soon too.

Then I have an Art Deadlines newsletter to look over.

Then Goddess stuff.

Then SOAR stuff.


Maybe Pinterest in the evening since today, JSUT today I was able to get an account by an invite. I haven't had time to just sit and play on the site (which I might do this weekend or so, who knows)

Well, I drank my tea, now off to bed with me.

Dude is meowing for me to disconnect from my laptop and journal or something so he can sit in my lap. (Honestly I think Booties is picking on him and he is needing mommy. At least some thing needs me)

Bonne Nuit (Good Night in french)



  1. Thanks for sharing Trisha. Read last 3 and this post. So enjoyed all you wrote. I absolutely love your captions of the photos of exploring outside with the kitties!

  2. Wow! I am finally catching up on blogs. This is one huge post with so much info! I do like your studio and the healthy eating. You have many irons in the fire--multi-tasking--and yet time for a walk with the cats and the fairies! Wonderful post! You do need to work on broadening that smile, though, lady!! ;)

  3. Yeah, I normally don't write so big. Next time I will have to brak it up :)

    How about...a kitty eared smile


  4. mental wil hug!!! hope that at least brings a small smile as it did me sending =) as i try and send good energy your way everyday! Be well and i will hopefully talk to you soon.